Bandwidth as a Money

I was wondering if SAFE could also be used like Bandwidth as a Money

Imagine 4 SAFE nodes with different download/upload speeds

What if the SAFErs with faster d/u speed could d/u data in exchange for SAFE?

I don’t know how this would work exactly…


Probably, like this:
The current formula for the token balance calculation leads to surprising results, where most Tribler users see a negative token balance even if they are “good citizens”.

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I can’t tell if it would work like that on the SAFE Network.

Would be fun if SAFE nodes also functioned like Opengarden’s meshnet

Since the upload speed will be the bottleneck for some, maybe others could chip in, by maybe forking their online data on clearnet to SAFENET…

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opengarden.​net has expired

Yeah sorry forgot to mention that, it’s been offline for a few years now. Still it would be worthwhile to see sucha meshnet again, especially where we’re going.

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