Bancor Protocol

This is NOT investment advice, but more and more I see these features in cryptocoins that could really help MutableData become super attractive. The ERC20 coin generation feature is one, the Bancor protocol is another one IMHO. Every blockchain asset will be MutableData, because at the end of the day nobody would want miners deciding if their transaction goes through, the SAFE Network will also give these tokens more security. If you come across something that you see as a worthy feature to have in MutableData please share. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you!
I bought 100 BNT and now I’m refreshing every second to see the price ( even now it’s only 2.8$),
This is the link:

No disrespect to, but people can also see the price here from the original Bancor source:

Could you tell more about bancor protocol? Could they deliver better thing than maidsafe?

It’s simply a smartcontract that you send Ether or ERC20 tokens [PLEASE DON’T SEND ERC20 TOKENS AT THE MOMENT] and it gives you BNT in exchange. The more tokens you send, the higher the price of BNT gets, the less ERC20 tokens there are which makes them scarce and more valuable. Blablabla…

Another good thing about Bancor, they enable you to easily create a token through a chatbot.

[quote=“Lackys, post:4, topic:13851”]
Could they deliver better thing than maidsafe?
[/quote]Their token is just to give us a better idea how the Maidsafe community could create instant liquidity through MutableData smartcontracts instead of depending on exchanges. Maidsafe is not delivering a token only, they are delivering an entire new internet.

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