BambooGarden Fund Now Accepting First Batch of Proposals


With the BambooGarden Fund committee now in place, we are excited to invite applications for funding in the following areas only:

  • Formal documentation
    We believe the project would benefit hugely from having our algorithms formally documented. Perhaps a technical writer or the like who has experience writing formal algorithms and papers would be able to offer value here. Having these formal documents in place helps onboard developers who are getting involved, while also helping external auditors who we would at some point be asking to check our code for security flaws, bugs, etc.
  • Additional CRDT expertise
  • Additional consensus expertise
  • Additional networking expertise

These initial areas have been identified as a priority by MaidSafe and agreed with the committee. We would like to restrict applications to these specific areas for now to help funnel the applications at a steady rate for the volunteer fund committee members, while also helping us compare and assess applications for the same or similar projects.

We look forward to receiving applications to the fund, however, these must be supplemented by a cohesive and exhaustive plan in order to be seriously considered.

To apply, you can fill out this online form, or if you prefer you can email your plan and application to

If you submit via email, please include a summary of your idea and how it helps achieve the fund’s goals, a detailed plan on how you intend to implement this idea, and the expected costs of this proposal that you would like the fund to cover.

We would also love to see short video presentations, maximum 10 minutes, included as part of applications. A video presentation would help the committee evaluate these applications so we encourage them where possible, but they are not mandatory. Applicants may also make these videos widely available on the forum, if they wish, but we understand some may not want their ideas made public.

We anticipate that funds will be paid out for successful applications either on final delivery, or on reaching agreed milestones on the way towards delivery, with evidence required that those milestones have been met.

Each application will be evaluated not only on whether it meets the fund’s purposes, but also on whether it provides value for money.

While we cannot guarantee we will accept every application, we do encourage as many as possible.

For full details on this fund, it’s purposes, and how it is being managed, please see the original BambooGarden Fund announcement post.

We look forward to receiving your applications and working with you to bring the Safe Network closer.


Will be great to see the documentation completed


Well done everyone for getting the process up and running so fast. A thought…

I don’t imagine there will be a deluge of applications for the initial categories, so why not add a second tier (e.g. apps with high launch value) that will be processed by the committee, but only when no work is needed on first tier categories?


I think that 2nd tier may happen quickly, but I am not sure. It makes sense when the dust settles (that team are really motoring along just now) for sure.


These first tier projects appear to me to be suited toward CS post-grads (particularly the formal documentation job, but also bugs and security) – maybe posting info about the offer at local universities - in CS departments would be good?


Once the testnet launches, I’m thinking it could be worth it to run some ads and post more formal grant / job-description-style notifications to get the word out on this.

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To help get the word out on this, I drew / created the following graphic:

Feel free to use this graphic to spread the word on the BGF both on social media platforms and in printed form (e.g. college campuses). With their moderators’ approval, the following Reddit channels could also be good targets:

  • r/Cryptocurrency
  • r/Cryptography
  • r/Developer
  • r/OpenSource
  • r/Programming
  • r/Rust
  • r/Science
  • r/SoftwareDeveloper
  • r/SoftwareEngineering
  • r/SoftwareTesting
  • r/TechnicalWriting
  • r/Technology

If there’s still limited traction from these channels, then digital / social ads may be necessary as well as leveraging more-formal grant/job posting sites.


You actually drew it too, correct? Very nice touch and looks absolutely fantastic!


Thanks! Yeah, I’m generally more comfortable starting with pencil and paper, so I sketched it first, then inked it, and finally scanned/digitalized it to add color and lettering. Don’t mind the shadows, but here’s a quick pic of the original sketch/inked version. :blush:


I dig the analog to digital conversion. Nice work. :smile:


Thank you! :smile:


Hey @Sotros25,

can you upload the working files, I want to help by printing and distributing several thousand posters. Thank you for the hard work!

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Sure thing! This link should work: BGF 1.jpg - Google Drive


absolutely beautiful! :heart:


That should really help get the word out, love it!!