Bamboo Garden Fund Invites Applications to Improve Reporting Functionality and Usability of the Fleming Testnets


With good progress being made with the first batch of areas that we invited applications for here (some further details at the bottom of this post), the BambooGarden Fund committee would like to invite applications for funding in the following NEW area:

  • Improvements to the reporting functionality and usability of the Fleming testnets.
    We have observed with the 5 (so far) Fleming testnet iterations over the previous few weeks that there are various potential improvements that could be made to make them easier to use, easier to understand, easier to pinpoint errors and share details of them, and of course to get the bugs resolved ASAP. Perhaps now is a good time for a dashboard project to summarise the stats of the whole network? Can you add a progress indicator to the CLI? Are there performance improvements you could make?

    Our preference and priority would be applications for solutions that work and provide value not only during the Fleming testnet phase, but also beyond and even into the final Network. We will also be looking out for solutions which are easy to maintain and adapt as changes come in between testnet iterations, Maxwell, and beyond.

    We hope you have many more ideas, big and small, that you can pitch to us to benefit all users!

Of course the MaidSafe team is working around the clock to try to improve the testnets with every iteration, with laser focus on the bugs observed in the previous iterations. We are however realistic enough to know that as a small team we can’t tackle every problem in parallel, so the opportunity is there for those who want to, and can, help, with the potential to be fairly compensated for your time if we believe it is of sufficient value.

We believe that receiving some help in these areas will aid both the MaidSafe team and the community to focus and concentrate on clear, genuine bugs in the testnets by lowering the entry barrier, uncovering more bugs, providing all the information required when a bug is observed, and perhaps even fixing bugs.

Please note that we cannot accept applications retrospectively for work already completed, we believe this would be against the principles agreed by the committee when the BambooGarden Fund was set up. For any existing projects out there already - we would be happy to receive applications for funding to expand and improve them.

We are also still accepting applications for 3 of the original 4 areas proposed here:

  • Additional CRDT expertise

  • Additional consensus expertise

  • Additional networking expertise

We’ve now filled the Technical Writer position that we originally invited applications for - see the General BambooGarden Fund Update section further below for an overview of progress so far.

We would like to restrict applications to only the above 3 specific areas announced previously, plus the newly announced area to improve reporting functionality and usability of the Fleming testnets. This will help funnel the applications at a steady rate for the volunteer fund committee members, while also helping us compare and assess applications for the same or similar projects.

We look forward to receiving applications to the fund, however, these must be supplemented by a cohesive and exhaustive plan in order to be seriously considered.

To apply, you can fill out this online form, or if you prefer you can email your plan and application to

If you submit via email, please include a summary of your idea and how it helps achieve the fund’s goals, a detailed plan on how you intend to implement this idea, and the expected costs of this proposal that you would like the fund to cover.

We would also love to see short video presentations, maximum 10 minutes, included as part of applications. A video presentation would help the committee evaluate these applications so we encourage them where possible, but they are not mandatory. Applicants may also make these videos widely available on the forum if they wish, but we understand some may not want their ideas made public.

We anticipate that funds will be paid out for successful applications either on final delivery, or on reaching agreed milestones on the way towards delivery, with evidence required that those milestones have been met.

Each application will be evaluated not only on whether it meets the fund’s purposes, but also on whether it provides value for money.

While we cannot guarantee we will accept every application, we do encourage as many as possible.

For full details on this fund, its purposes, and how it is being managed, please see the original BambooGarden Fund announcement post.

We look forward to receiving your applications and working with you to bring the Safe Network closer.

General BambooGarden Fund Update

With multiple testnet iterations over the previous few weeks, we’ve been quiet with BambooGarden Fund updates - but rest assured work has been continuing in the background.

We have some updates to share on how the fund has been put to use so far:

  • A new engineer began working with us earlier this month, as has a Technical Writer, both in a part-time capacity. Both have prior knowledge of The Safe Network.
  • Another full time engineer is due to start employment next month.

These 3 roles would not have been possible without the fund’s help.

On top of this, we’re working very closely with recruiters to bring in additional resources who specialise in CRDTs, consensus and networking. Hopefully we will have further positive updates there in the near future.

As always, the right to privacy is important to everyone here at MaidSafe, so please no speculation on the names of anyone who has joined or will join - they will reveal themselves if/when comfortable doing so. :slight_smile:


Makes me think about our boy(s) Deus! And/or Mark!

@DeusNexus @happybeing


In case anyone is interested in using vdash code or wants to improve its features as part of a BGF funded project, please feel free.

I will not be applying as I’m no longer spending significant time on development work.


it seems the committee is in full swing! lots of progress in this short amount of time :+1: :+1: :+1:


Extremely happy about new manpower coming to the project, and decentralization of this manpower. It’s people, that network is made of, so we need them decentralized too.


This part is a bit confusing.

Is the fund a part of MaidSafe?

What’s confusing? Let’s clarify.

Full details of the fund can be found here.


A new engineer began working as “has a technical writer, both in a part time capacity”. What?

And “both” of this individual have prior knowledge?

A new engineer has joined. A new technical writer has joined. Both are part-time. Both have knowledge of the network.


As has in this usage means as well as

Thus you can read the sentence this way

A new engineer began working as well as a technical writer, both in a part time capacity


ah ok, makes sense once explained. seems unnecessarily ambiguous, but im no native english speaker either.


Thanks, only interested in this specific detail however and don’t feel like finding the information in all of that. I’ll just assume it is since its posting from the MaidSafe account.

Anyone apply here yet? Maybe we should be advertising this as well.

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2021 has seen some real progress - thanks MaidSafe for what you do. :star_struck:

Before y’all vanish into the holidays: is there any update on the BGF? I may have missed this but are there any community projects submitted/accepted?


The BGF has paused since we lost Sharon, it should get into full swing in February though. It’s just I have had no time to handle the transactions etc. We do have 2-3 devs who should be paid there, but maidsafe have just footed the bill for now. The fund has grown in value a lot and I hope we can see a surge in applications and projects coming from it now we are getting stable with a stable aPI now.

Thanks again and we owe you biggly as they say :smiley: :smiley:


We all do @BambooGarden. Now off to play with the testnet/not testnet :partying_face: