Bad day for crypto

25 of the top 26 cryptos are down today, many by a substantial amount, MAID included.

Any thoughts? It does happen all the Time with crypto but I just spotted a large trend for today in particular.

Something go great with the share market etc today? Hmm

Excellent for me cos I need to buy some more. Thanks for tip. Haven’t checked markets in a few days :slight_smile:


Right? I just sent some funds to Polo :slight_smile:


Bah not down enough, been on a super high trend for over 1month… Still not back to those levels
… So nothing is really cheap yet! Even maid is like 4 times its price at least!

Bts is usually in the 800, it’s at like 1400 now
Maid is usually at 0.000040 it’s at like 0.00019.
Eth used to be at 0.0019 now it’s at 0.024. Etc

Everything is inflated as of late! Would wait for a crash before touching any!

It’s gotta be spring break, everyone is pulling out to party! Same thing happens around the Fourth of July!!! I’m only joking really but who’s really to say

if bitcoin has a pump going closer to its halving of the miner reward then we can expect to see some deals

Wait till safecoin comes out and we start basing currency on cpu resources. Then watch it spike. Remember right now by and large crypto I still based on debt currency values and subjective valuation. When you throw a resource economy into the mix things get real interesting.


Bro it’s never a bad day to be able to buy more resources (Maidsafecoin).

If the price was 0,10 and now it's 0.079135 it only means “buy more resources”.

Never forget that this resource based money will enable you to run Youtube at the fraction of the costs, that it takes to run Youtube on the current internet.


here comes the up wave again

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I’m still waiting for BTC to drop back to $10.


I feel quite confident in saying you will probably never again see sub 7k maids nor sub 1m eth. Just because they were that price a few months ago does not mean they will ever get close to it again.