Bad bug found in Microsoft browsing code

Google has released details of a bug in Microsoft’s browsing programs that would allow attackers to build websites that make the software crash. … in some cases, allow attackers to hijack a victim’s browser.

The bug was found in November, but details are only now being released after the expiry of the 90-day deadline Google gave Microsoft to find a fix.

It added it was involved in “an ongoing conversation with Google about extending their deadline since the disclosure could potentially put customers at risk”.

:open_mouth: What kind of a bug can a browser have that’s not fixable in 90days!?


The whole MS browser s/w is a bug. Badly designed and being hacked has always been one step away.


I think you should rephrase the question:

What kind of software engineers are not able to fix a security issue they are pointed at in 3 months ?

PS : the answer seems to be Microsoft’s engineers

I wonder about motivation to fix it

It’s not a problem for them to fix the bug … the problem is where to move it so the NSA can still hack into your machine! That takes some time … damn google for screwing up a good thing once again! lol

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Depends where it is on their priority list as well

So true! @happybeing posted a cool article from Chrome’s main guy I think and it was talking about exactly this: IE’s basic design philosophy, which focuses on mitigation, ensures they are always one step behind, just as you’re saying.

Considering Windows is basically spyware, this isnt very surprising.

Not a fan (or user) of Windows, but I can’t see how their privacy policy is related to their approach to software security, of which the former is determined by suits, the latter by software architects.

I’m not sure that’s the case. They have awesome engineers, but they are limited by not only bureaucracy but also past design decisions. If something needs fundamental changes many levels down, you are pretty screwed no matter how excellent your skills are.

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When they build in backdoors for NSA, it’s not surprising that bugs that allow people access show up other places. :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against Microsoft bashing. But that argument was faulty.

Microsoft is an open platform for all to use. Anybody can access to your computer. That is OPEN! Which means it is good! Why you hating on microsoft!?! You got something to hide?!