Back to basics 🤠

I’m sure there are those in this community who feel that killing anything is just plain wrong. What some people don’t realize is that you can’t have e.g. free-range chickens without killing off some predators. You can’t even grow veggies without decimating the deer coming after your veggies. Humans have been spreading like wildfire for the past millennium or so. There just isn’t enough space for everybody to live in a climate where one can simply pick fruits hanging from trees that grow by themselves without care.

The way I see it, death is not a bad thing. It’s just a necessary part of life. What matters is the quality of life that animals, as well as humans, have before it ends. I hate the fact that so many animals spend their whole lives suffering in tiny cages. This too may be necessary if we are to feed eight billion humans, but I’d rather not be part of that industry.

(Oh, there is a white-tailed deer on its morning walk now, right outside my window. They are about as tame/wild as my chickens here and don’t even mind the sound of a gun shot. I don’t need the meat, and I can’t really grow many vegetables out here anyway, so I’ll just let it be.)

Humans often interfere in ecosystems by introducing foreign species that have no natural local predators. Where I live, this is the case with the e.g. the white-tailed deer and the mink. Some activists actually break into farms and set the minks free, not realizing what consequences this has for the local bird population. Minks happen to be very vicious predators, just like some humans, who kill pretty much anything they come across. They don’t only kill for food. They just kill.

I don’t consider myself a “survivalist” preparing for some apocalypse. To me, this is just a sound way of life. It’s pretty much the opposite of the lifestyle of taking cars and elevators to get to a gym, and then paying good money for the privilege of working out for nothing. I’m not being judgmental here. I know I’m privileged to have this little place.

I’m proud to say that, in just two days, I have trapped a mink, a marten and a raccoon dog. I’m not a real trapper, but I do skin the critters, for practice, if nothing else. Skinning and tanning the old way, without using any poisonous chemicals, is a lot of work, but it makes me feel better about shooting an animal if I make use of as many of its parts as possible.

I know there are people on this forum who feel/think the same way I do, so I thought I’d start this thread as a place for sharing knowledge and experience about self-sufficiency and related stuff. Now I’m off to check the nets for herring.