Baby-Fleming on LAN with Multiple Servers

The dev announcement about baby-fleming mentioned that there is way to join multiple servers on LAN with baby-fleming. Where is the documentation for this? Thanks!


If the baby-fleming local network is not available, is the code for Testnet available?

Not just yest.

Are you running a single instance of baby-fleming at home - presumably with 8 vaults on a single box?
I attempted to run several baby-flemings on the same LAN but have failed so far. Pretty sure I just had the syntax to connect to auth process wrong.

I have not been trying too hard recently - other priorities - and the thought that this is wasted effort when the next testnet is Just Around The Corner.

AIUI we do not have working browser code (please correct me if I am wrong) right now to show off the sites we could buiild on baby-fleming(s)

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In what way?
baby-fleming + browser works locally as far as I can tell.
It’s any type of network that doesn’t work, which is really a drag because it means that anything you built is pretty useless right now.
I mean, even a LAN would be great, because at least it would be good for clouds and version control.


What browser version are you using to look at sites on your own baby-fleming, please?

I don’t think that linking baby-flemings together on a LAN is an insurmountable problem right now, the questions are

  • What does linking baby-flemings really give us apart from a warm feeling inside?

  • Is it worth diverting dev resources to sort this issue right now?

Please dont get me wrong, I REALLY REALLY want to play with vaults across my LAN but Im not convinced I going to learn anything significant that will move the project forward. Be lots of fun though… In some areas I am easily pleased…

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Oh, I think I’m getting things mixed up. A multiple-servers-network and browser clients accessing anything beyond localhost.
The latter is what I actually meant.

Not being able to access a baby-fleming on your browser unless it’s run locally.

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thank you - I had it in my head that changes to safe-cli had broken the browser

I will play with that later tonight

It broke the latest stable version of the browser and any type of baby-fleming client network, so no one is able to host anything as far as I can tell.

That’s why happybeing can still show off his git app, because he doesn’t seem to care that it can be run locally.

Right now @happybeing 's git app does not go anywhere near any safe components. “normal” bowsers are picking it up on 8080

FWIW, I believe @happybeing cares very much and is pushing ahead with stuff that will be VERY useful on the safe network, - when it is ready.

To @happybeing, I would add @seneca and @nigel - both of whom have great projects that are waiting on the network to make them viable/ready for further work.

What I like to speculate on is - how many others like @happybeing @Nigel and @Seneca are out there beavering away or quietly biding their time?

EDIT: Really wish we could hear from @Shane - hope he is OK


I don’t need Safe Network at all to develop the proof of concept git portal, that’s why I’m working on it. If Safe was available I’d probably have been doing something else but actually it’s fortuitous to have been forced to look for something I can do, which lead me to have a go at this. You could do the same if you’re being held up with your main project.

It’s also why I built vdash.


Was just demoing JAMS MVP yesterday and man is it beautiful. Still going through changes and need safe APIs for upload/download/share features to be useful but I’m very happy with the foundation so far. Plenty of improvements/enhancements that don’t require the APIs in the meantime.


Can’t wait to check this out!! Once Safe Network: Chicago gets up and running again (post Fleming release) it would be great to have you call in again. :smile:


Once everyone can play with it on the network I would be delighted to join in on the meetup!


@Nigel, I have a feature request for you:

When searching with a song name in Spotify, and clicking the result, it plays the song and after the song it auto-plays the next result. This is bad. Usually the next result is some totally different music, possibly very loud. It is annoying when you have to hurry to stop playing after you have listened to the song you chose.

So please, can we have it so that it just plays the song the user chose and then just stops after that?


Main focus will be on personal library and related features plus sharing first and once we get to indexing public music, search, etc then for sure. I’ll write that down.


If you have search function for my own library, this same case would apply. Anyway, I’m glad that you heard me on this. :+1:

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You can probably run “genesis” vault (oh sorry, node!) on one host:

~/.safe/vault/safe_vault -vv --first --root-dir ~/.safe/vault/baby-fleming-vaults/safe-vault-genesis --log-dir ~/.safe/vault/baby-fleming-vaults/safe-vault-genesis

and subsequent nodes can connect to it (assume first host has IP and save_vault listens on port 54533):

~/.safe/vault/safe_vault -vv --hard-coded-contacts [""] --root-dir ~/.safe/vault/baby-fleming-vaults/safe-vault-2 --log-dir ~/.safe/vault/baby-fleming-vaults/safe-vault-2
~/.safe/vault/safe_vault -vv --hard-coded-contacts [""] --root-dir ~/.safe/vault/baby-fleming-vaults/safe-vault-3 --log-dir ~/.safe/vault/baby-fleming-vaults/safe-vault-3

I’ve tried it only on localhost, but it should work on LAN, I think. I got these commands by checking ps -aux | grep vault after safe vault run-baby-flemming, and also ~/.safe/vault/safe_vault --help.

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Which versions should one use for this?
Oh wait. This doesn’t mean I can access the network on a LAN via my browser, does it?

./safe_vault : cannot execute binary file : Format error for exec()

Sorry earn!

@Maidsafe, I am half kidding, we need an official noun for this, and not just a verb.

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What’s wrong with node again?
Make a description of what “it” is and I’ll make a noun for it.

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