Awareness of token existence

Hey guys!

I’ve been listing back the radio interview @dirvine has been doing with Ernest Hancock, which was great. I’ve been trying to observe the conversation as someone not aware of the project. What I noticed is that there have been several references to, which in turn has several links to

There is a ton of information on these sites, however, there is a lot of focus on “getting involved”, “start developing”, “join the community”, but I think 90% of the users won’t know they can also get “involved” by purchasing some MaidSafeCoins.

With the ongoing discussion of exchange listings, and Maidsafe stance (which I support) of getting exchange listing organically we might want to allocate some resources in notifying people of the existence of MaidSafeCoin to create organic demand for the coin.

A small website header with MaidSafeCoin current price and 24 hour move percentage could already do the trick, this is something several listed companies do too and seems like a quick win for everyone.


We need to take care here. If MaidSafe were promoting price or potential increases then we start to look more like a securities offering. I know I am always the damp squib with this, but getting legal opinions now on a lot of this and the persistence we have of not promoting or even shoving for exchange listings is quite helpful to the argument of not a security.

So probably fine of the community do but also be aware the wrath of the man is far reaching and he is reaching these days. You will notice me in interviews not promoting tokens or increases etc. I would say this tech is incredibly valuable and could change the game etc. but not really spend any time on MAID promotion. All sounds like “ah man these folk don’t want progress” but we do. I feel it has to come as we show value.


Don’t worry about it David. I’m obviously not well informed of the laws and legal stances, so it’s good that you notify me of that. I think what you’re saying makes perfect sense and its all going to come down to launching then and proving a real use case. It’s what you’ve been saying all along, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


I think it’s worth it to promote the fact that the only way to get SNTs pre-beta is to get MAID now, but I wouldn’t promote anything around token price, trade volume, etc. The former point is about promoting participation in Safe when it’s launched, I think, rather than attempting to boost the price.


Surely that doesn’t work as when the coin picks up value there is no flying below radar.

Ah it’s not about that, it’s purely promotion of money related assets that we don’t do, or I don’t. I can say I believe this network has immense value, investors deserve any rewards etc etc.