Awake but can't get a loan to buy a permit to pay tax on the shed that you'll love after the great reset

Barclays getting in on the ban on transferring funds to crypto exchanges to keep people “safe”.

A very good point made by one redditor…

Didn’t do anything to help my friend who was addicted to gambling and had multiple high interest loans. They can see all that right? I could send all my money in my account to a betting site they wouldn’t do shit.

I wonder why banks are picking on an alternative money system? :thinking:

I think this is what it looks like when a currency is on the verge of mass adoption.
Rabbits start getting pulled out of hats.


Barclays and HSBC, the banks of the mobsters and criminals, fined several times for money laundering and market manipulations at scale and going to keep customers safe. We have entered deeper into the realms of doublethink here.

The time of honesty is close to ending and the time of deception is well on us now. We do need to break free and I am amazed at the UK (and many in the USA) people not only accept the doublethink but keep voting for the perpetrators? It’s like the people do want to be sheep, even if lead by wolves. It has shaken me a bit to be honest as I cannot work it out. Is it social media influence, or ego gone mad where amateur economists, epidemiologists and scientists scream how clever they are and muddy waters? or something else?

It feels like a huge change is coming, otherwise we face a terrible and short future.


I’m also shaken, it seems I have given to much credit to the people. They either don’t want to know about what’s going on or they simply don’t care. These corrupt/fraudulent bankers are just the tip
of the iceberg and I’m hoping safe can wrestle some of the power they wield from their grubby little hands.


I’m not surprised at all. Never assumed that gov and banks will give up control of people’s money easily.

In fact the the fight was predicted pre 2000 in the Sovereign Individual.
We are nothing but farm animals trying to escape as far as these people are concerned.


I feel like I’ve noticed a similar thing and find it worrisome too. There was never a time when everything was roses and cinnamon. The myth of ‘The West’ (USA and friends, basically) as a shining bastion of human rights and democracy and etc was always a myth.

There were a few good ideas there however related to democracy, free speech, protecting journalism, the right to challenge and change laws, etc but whatever remnants of these was left seems to be crumbling away.

And it feels like it can’t even be addressed, because people are too busy following a buzz-injection news cycle, hopping from one story to another and never doing anything, constantly attached to their devices and never having time to breathe and think and actually interact with the people around them.

Having watched Julian Assange be tortured for journalism for the last ten years has been a good indication of the state of the West’s real moral standing, I feel.


Most ppl I speak to outside of the crypto community don’t know how mortgage loans are created and most don’t know about fractional reserve banking, shocking, but that’s what I’ve found.


There where no myth, some of it was very real. But success makes people lose their gard and that makes way for people who wants to destroy good things, for self gain, imagined guilt, some wants to suffer when things get good, poor thinking by manipulative words which hides horrible results and so on. Everything could be changed for the better if you can get people to care, and not the fake care by pretending to like nice things on social media, real care when they care about the results rather than the beautiful empty words that hides awfulness.

Don’t know if they have to know, most people have probably not known for the last 500 years or so, basically since it was invented, things gone well since then.

There are probably more important things they can learn about, when it comes to loans and value, but as in most other things, people don’t frickin care. And if they don’t care and then lose then it is hard to feel for them, if things go wrong.

Most people seem to just want to be left alone. They hope that the state is trying to protect them, as the alternative isn’t palatable. Hell, most don’t seem to care what the state and their corporate buddies do, as long as they get some free stuff.

You would think being allowed to run your own life would be a given. These days you can barely function without requesting permission or paying someone off to do something. Even barter is taxed in the UK.


It all makes perfect sense Expressed in dollars and cents, Pounds, shillings and pence

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What can’t you run in your own life?

These days you can barely function without requesting permission or paying someone off to do something. Even barter is taxed in the UK.


Avoiding answering, wonder why, even if I got some thoughts about it.

You seems to care about your personal gains and somehow wants others to feel sorry for you, for not getting more. Trying to construct a story that would make it seems like the government makes you suffer, but it seems more like you are married or something. It feels hollow, I would like to know if there are some real reasons for the suffering you try to portray.

On used goods, if a person sells example a couch?

Yes, but which? A “Great Reset” or a “Great Awakening”? The probability of an awakening without something like SN in the wild is rather low imo.


Both. “A great reset” is baked into the cake at this stage, what that looks like on the other side must be something that will be functional - otherwise there will be endless violence until such happens.

The awakening is also happening - but simultaneously the great “burying of the head in the sand” is happening. Globally people are divided and I don’t see that changing - even until the very demise of those who refuse to see.

Prep and organize … The future belongs to the survivors -those who prepare for it today.


I can’t choose my clothes when driving my boat.

I can’t choose what I grow in my garden.

I can’t clean up or rake leaves around the village without reporting volunteer work to tax authorities.

Needless to say, I break all the above rules, but I’m constantly at risk of being caught and fined.


I feel ya bro, it is rough time living on the edge.

I answered your question in my reply, but you seemed to ignore it.

I can’t drive a car without a license. I can’t get a job without an NI number. I can’t do business without creating a limited company. I could go on, but to what ends?

You seem to suggest I’m being hyperbolic, but really you can’t just start making stuff and selling it to folks without requesting permission. Without even this simple freedom, it is hard to see where your argument is.

If you want to say ‘suck it up, that’s the way it works here’, then fair enough. That is a completely different argument thought.


You complain you can’t drive a car without a license, that probably needs some explanation. Can’t get an national identification number? that probably also needs some explanation.

No you just wrote some general things but in your latest reply we got a bit closer to the core.

I have both. I have asked for permission.

This is going nowhere.

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The suffering in your life man, I can feel the great pain, how does anyone get through such challenges, totaly inhumane, life can be so cruel.