Avatar Flair Image - first step against fraud

Hello friends,

as those of you who use Telegram know, it is full of scammers who introduce themselves to other users, changing only 1 letter of their username and putting the same avatar as the person whose identity they want to steal. Then they write to users and try to deceive them by stealing money.

This is not a problem in our forum at the moment. But it is possible to become so I have a suggestion to add Avatar Flair Image (additional second image to the avatar see the screenshots below) so that the other members of the community can get used to the fact that only people on the forum team, MaidSafe and users Level 3 (and the more active users not yet given Level 3?) have such Flair Images. Because people see them often and know that they can be trusted (subconsciously, I don’t trust anyone even myself ahhaha but people who get caught up in this type of scam are better than me)…

With so many scammers, I think we need to act preventively and turn on every single visual aid which we have at our disposal.

I looked at other discourse forums and this option is widely used. We can have a different Avatar Flair Image for each group of people.

Please discuss :dragon:




Ppl could alter a tiny piece of the graphic.
I think that would be less noticeable than a wringly spelt name.

This is what pgp was built for.

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They can not. This is an addition that is superimposed on the side and is visible quite well. That is why it exists and that is why it is used. Please, see here:

Link takes me to a page about cookies.

So say your inset is the maid symbol.
Can’t I add one pixel, or change colour of one pixel, or change colour of all one colour slightly and create a new inset?

Again I know how pgp works, its not hard to use.

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That’s what we’re talking about. It is an immutable part that is superimposed on the right users. Cannot be copied. If a scammer copies your avatar, they will not be able to copy the overlay image:

Ah, OK, 1 for everyone.
I thought you meant a personal one each.
Which seemed open to abuse.

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Is the overlay offset from the icon display area? It seems to be, but can you confirm it @Dimitar

It needs to be offset to prevent copycats

Yes, it is clearly offset. I can put it for test for my profile here to show you?

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