Automating business and government

I recently learned the term M2M which means machine to machine interactions, including machines buying and selling information and even physical goods from each other, using smart contracts (if those even will be needed) and other new information technologies. And deep learning algorithms are these days quickly becoming better and better.

So a fascinating and perhaps a bit scary scenario is that a pure machine economy will grow on the SAFE network powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence. How will governments be able to regulate that kind of economy?

And companies are interested in M2M (like in the video below) but that may be their doom when the machines become much smarter than humans when it comes to running their business.

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One day we could see a system where people work for society rather than a boss. Universal basic income doesn’t incentivis positive activity but a system where doing good for others creates new money could change the world. So wealth is created by doing usefully things rather than central banks printing wealth from thin air and then monopolizing the system to benefit those at the top of the triangle. Government could be replace by a system that rewards positive activity and punishes negative activity. The clients on the network could vote on what constitutes positive and negative.

Work is over, nothing will bring back its necessity. Without that necessity it will never have dignity or security. Its been over for 50 years but given the tech we can’t be in denial about that anymore. I am not in favor of a basic income, but in favor of more than adequate income based on robotic production and sun power. It doesn’t matter if people work. I don’t believe in violence ever but basically can see a right (call it self defense) to kill the people trying to make them work because at this point there is no longer even product (product long ago ceased to be the point) but raw tread mill slavery so it would be an act of self defense against becoming property or remaining property or of having it happen or continue to happen to family members.

Right now we have too many people sitting around thinking about how they can turn others into slaves or keep them slaves. Look at the Trump admin, full of people who are focused on enclosure and toll roads to support wealthy non contributing parasites. Trying to replace free speech net neutrality with paid censorship is a primary example. Hopefully the people including those enslaved by unnecessary work rise up and end this once and for all.

Do we want human powered rickshaws competing with electric peer enabled autonomy vehicles?
I don’t recognize the right of entities that exist to further oppression to continue to exist this would include the Torrie party and the Republican
party. These are in my opinion criminal organizations with criminal ideologies staffed by criminals and we should push to bring them to justice including long term incarcerations and dissolution of these groups- don’t see how they are any better then the ‘terrorist’ groups they foment and fear bait with to retain and try to reinforce their illgotten power. Maybe they can go to work camps where such structures are kept alive just for them so they can learn the true meaning of work in the post work age.

But lets just strip all the sentiment away in the absence of denial in this post necessity of work age most people would rather kill a capitalist than work for them and would do so if clear thinking without much remorse because slavery is worse than murder. And its an age where human labor with nominal exception never rises above digging ditches and then filling them back up- paperwork is even worse. Given the depravity even the exercise doesn’t count. The capitalists continue to try to distract with racial bs but wouldn’t be surprised if they all end up with their heads on pikes.

Yes I’m strictly against government, maybe like a global resource management system, efficient and true always…

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I agree. No government needed.