Australian Horse Race Betting System 30+k / month profit

I’m not really a punter, I have the odd bet but nothing high stakes or even regular. However I am always interested in systems, AI, and strategies.

I came across this guy’s website a while back and apart from the cringe factor what got me was essentially the high price of his system. 50k AUD.

It’s a probability and statistics based system but they’re also factoring in odds and pool size.

I signed up for the trial and received the guys email every day for about a month. After calculating all wins and losses he was up about 30k for the month.

Very interesting.

What I don’t get is how people think they can get away with regularly winning. The bookies are well known for banning winners.

Just thought I’d share this interesting find.


Try to calculate monthly profit on sport betting sites, which are not banning winners if any even have australian horse racing odds.

Clive Gannon recommends using the state based TAB to bet with, but even those I’ve read some stories of bannings, admittedly, not many but still.

Clive seems to be a fairly well known (respected?) business person upon doing some research on him.

Almost seems like one of those too good to be true type of things. And you know what they say about that.

Could be, that there is short gap to make a bet, before odd drop, but in general they limit your max. bet, manualy approving to cancel or dropping down odds or soon or later banning you. So in a best case you have to make your bet before others, because once some kind of tips are popular the last one will not have profit at all, if the system even work.

The more sustainable way is to have multiidentity both for own bets and collecting bonuses or affiliate. The others I know have only random profit.


They change their name every so often.

Bet its on the Gold Coast.

I investigated it and knew someone who tried it out and they got nothing because they ran soon after. But they were scamming for a year before running apparently.

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You sure about that?
I looked into Gannon.
Here’s a story from 1996

Here a few years ago page 15 chamber of commerce meet-up

Consultant listing on what appears to be a business brokerage site

Another newspaper chamber of commerce meet-up
Ive been following it for 1-2 years.

Page 14 PDF lists him back in the 80s at Summit Records

I know a lot of these systems are bullshit but I also know there are some really good punters and systems out there that do work. I live in a racing town and we’ve all met someone that’s made a few good Bob from punting. In fact most Friday I was serving a long time customer that was telling me about his son who now works for BetEasy as a statistician after winning a few million in the horses.

I’m not sure what to think of this particular system although I do have a month’s worth of results and yes the picks came through in the morning so can be confirmed. Although they did not punt on each pick when I asked why it was something to do with the odds and pool size changing.

Also as far as I can tell they’ve kept the same name for a few years.

EDIT: the site isn’t very professional is it. Also has the look of a scamming site. If it not a scam then they could improve their site so it doesn’t have the feel of a scam. Typical HYIP scam site feel.

These scammers pick a name from Australian business and claim he is heading it. They rely on the fact that it takes time before people find out that person is not associated with the scam.

Did you get cold called? <-- High danger signal

Is it located on the Gold Coast or nearby?

I noticed that Bradley Gannon is the main contact for the company after Clive, but I also noticed this

Published on April 28th 2019 in AssociationsCompany NewsLatest NewsManagement

Bradley Gannon appointed CEO Capricorn Automotive, effective 1st July

he was

Gannon has been admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor to the Supreme Court of Western Australia and the High Court of Australia. He has a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia.

The 2nd contact was a little easier to debunk

DETECTIVES have raided and shut down two boiler rooms on the Gold Coast linked to sports betting and investments they say could have fleeced money from hundreds of victims.
Police from the Fraud and Cyber Crime Group have also arrested a 54-year-old man linked to a separate boiler room operation which took $466,000 from 19 investors.
It operated between January 2008 and April 2012 and used a “sophisticated internet betting system” to scam victims from Queensland, New South Wales and Northern Territory.
Detective Superintendent Brian Hay said the Gold Coast had sadly become a “mecca” for boiler rooms.
Of the businesses raided today, Detective Superintendent Brian Hay said one was investment-based in respect to four entities while another was involved with sports betting and was linked to two entities.
The boiler rooms, in Surfers Paradise and in Bundall, were not associated with each other and were “live and functioning” when police raided them.
“I would be surprised if it wasn’t hundreds (of victims),” Det Supt Hay said.
“We know when we have done boiler rooms in the past for example we have taken possession of cartons upon cartons of scripts of paper with thousands of names.
““It doesn’t take a rocket science to realise that if you have an offer of an investment that’s going to give you a yield of return of 13-25 per cent when the market is delivering a return of two to three per cent, that hang on a sec, there is something too good about this.”
Det Supt Hay described boiler rooms as “criminal call centres” which cold-called unsuspecting victims to invest in sports arbitrage, horse racing, software gambling or property investments.
He said they had become concentrated on the Gold Coast and took setup fees of up to $7000, with people told the schemes were high-yielding, which was backed up by slick marketing and websites.
“They can actually in some instances log in and see their investments grow, but I suggest to you that it’s all fictitious and the investment is not growing,” Det Supt Hay said.

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I think they are based on the sunshine coast.

Far as I know they don’t run a boiler room it’s clive and his son doing all the emails etc. I never got called Clive asked if I wanted him to call me I declined said I preferred email, they sent me a few direct non spammy emails I honestly feel they’ve not been pushy at all.

They gave me the 30 day trial or whatever it was I asked them a bunch of questions which they answered.

In the end my trial ended, they asked if I wanted to go ahead I said I needed to think about it, they followed up with me a few weeks later, I said no thanks and they said no problem.

Im a very sceptical person but I honestly think these guys could be legit.

I’ve used some roulette software before which was on point and so there’s stuff out there that really does work.

Edit. I assume that’s not the Bradley I have emailed but then they don’t claim it is. It’s possible you’ve just found another Bradley Gannon only from WA. I know the pictures of Clive online on his facebook etc are the ones of the same guy from the website.

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