Australia - Terror laws clear Senate, enabling entire Australian web to be monitored and whistleblowers to be jailed


This is a huge deal to me as I live here, project SAFE is becoming more important for us all.


That is genuinely scary. For the people? My arse!


Thanks for that, out of interest, how are the general public reacting? I ask because here in sunny UK infringements like this go without discussion from the masses, which i don’t get. If the government said it was going to open all of our physical letters take a photo copy to store and then send them on, the public would go mad. Somehow when its internet privacy its just ignored, very frustrating!

Enough ranting, is it the same in OZ? Also would be interested from posters in other country’s


There was a recent beheading plot here in Australia, where a couple ISIS supporters planned to do a public beheading in Sydney. A phone conversation was intercepted and one of the biggest police raids in history was conducted involving 800 police officers, suspect was found and detained. This may of been the trigger for these terror laws to be passed by the senate. Obviously there is an outrage at the moment, #HeyASIO is the top trending hashtag on twitter in australia where people are mocking the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

These terror laws were very sudden and I don’t think there was much of any debate with the public, I’m no expert on politics but I imagine the Australian political system has many similarities to what you have in the UK.


Anyone else see this one coming?


I am sorry but 10000 911 wouldn’t justify what they did in the US. Its not how you fix stuff. I am sorry someone dropped their ice cream cone all rights must be suspended and we can’t tell the public we did it and we have a bunch of secret laws we can’t talk about and if you break one you won’t be allowed representation and no one can know about it. It would be better to arm everyone even 4 year old kids than to allow the surveillance state. Its a dirt gathering apparatus.

The symbolism of the falling towers (Tarot Towers card) and beheading is the rich falling. The top of the pyramid falling off. This is how it reacts to that prospect.


False flag? Maybe I am just cynical…


First up, this 5 part series by Damon Vabel is essential viewing to realize what is happening right now, shot around 4 years ago…it is now playing out. The link is to lessons 4 + 5 which spell out the current and future predicament, but also well worth backtracking to lessons 1-3 to understand ‘The Capital machine’ I will post this again in a separate post as I think it is a very important series that was almost lost to us…and the author himself has disappeared without a trace it seems :frowning:

The current acceleration seems something to do with Russia calling out the globalists plans for full domination, funny about that. Putin has called the whole shebang out on a few occasions a couple of which I’ll post here.


Looks like things are going to continue to escalate…


This is terrible, the laws are still not strong enough.

We need to ban all interwebs to stop this, people should only have TV and newspapers for information.

I’ve locked myself in the house…I wanna keep my head thank you very much.