Australia: Mandatory Data Retention Starts Tomorrow

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I just find it ludicrous that this stuff just gets passed into law. Our democracy is broken and needs an upgrade.


It’d be cool if one connected only through Tor, i2p, SAFE. There would be close to zero actionable traffic on the wire (few DNS lookups here and there).
But that would make them pay special attention to your traffic.

And as expected the government cannot even administer the data retention scheme properly.

Not only were the ministers unable to even explain the scheme to the public, to journos, or even to ISPs, they cannot even approve implementation plans.

What a joke!

However, the data also showed that the Government had not proven able to approve the vast majority of implementation plans, with most telcos never having heard back from the Attornet-General’s Department, despite complying with the law and filing their implementation plan

Clearly the government needs more resources for they created more workload for themselves than they can handle.
What a bunch of useless jokers!


It is totally senseless why government need this data. What is the use of collecting and storing it for 24 months? And, don’t forget the cost that we Australian will bear because of the data retention laws. Nevertheless, government has left us with no choice, but to our IP. VPN is the best way to be anonymous on the internet. Try a VPN.

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It is a matter of time until they declare encryption illegal (unless they hold the keys).
Australia disappoints greatly

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The answer is very clear. Anonymous communication makes the surplus receivers feel like they have a loaded gun to the back of their head and it makes it very difficult for them to carry out their radical insurgency agenda of hard decisions and endless austerity and impoverishment through excuses about terror (their own) and through blackmail (it might be exposed.) You see they think they’ve earned what they have and they want every bit of tax they’ve paid over the last hundred years back with interest and damages that means all the rest of us are supposed to get to work for them at a much lower rate, faster pace, and for longer hours. They are giving us permanent demotions and pay cuts and they plan to strip us of any legal rights to make sure we can’t do anything about it. All their crap, money as speech, corporate rights, sponsored elections, election rigging its all very consistent but not very intelligent.

The only way you will get rid of this is to get rid of the corporations. We need a democratic mode of production, not a totalitarian one that abstracts away all the money and resources to be used against the people who produce or produced all the current infrastructure and means. This is literally a pie slicing war (which they’ve been trying to preempt) since the 1970s because they know by comparison their claim on the fruits of automation is weak to non existent so they are trying to claim it all. Wake up and start replacing your corporations with cooperatives by law. Start locking corporations out of your markets and refuse to buy or work for them. And before you ultimately make them illegal (as they destroy democracies), tax them out of existence. Also make sure you find another legal name for your cooperatives besides “corporation or incorporation,” and keep your cooperatives small if you can. No cooperative that is flat or flat enough will need a union so watch that too. Rule by money isn’t any better or stable than monarchy and monarchy is the defacto mass murder of the population, better dead than lobotomized under involuntary, unnecessary forced labor. Get rid of the top down systems.

There is an easy way to recognize them and what they are about (recognize the mentality) and its part of why they hate anonymity so much. They believe in essentially arbitrary but essentially consensus recognized and assigned superiority. They like thinks like lotteries and want to encourage thinking of people such as as lottery winners as victors, it supports their marketing of virtue or merit as a function of chance or something bestowed by special people. Recognize the importance of ideas and seek to raise the base of society always but resist any attempt to find and provide special compensation to special people. That labeling process is the heart of their entire system and its a system they always wants a back door to the game. They will define you and your children so they can assign you and your children to the draft and prevent themselves from being subject. You see it in credit scores and grading schemes and IQ tests, titles, criminal records and to a lesser extent in developmental milestones like degree systems. They cherish systems of reputation because they can always manipulate these systems. Its why such systems exist. They can’t create special untouchable unaccountable people without the exceptionalism and privileged nonsense. Terminate that stuff where ever you see it and remember our intrinsic equality.


Can you tell that they need an SSL Certificate on their website? They say:
Results are not public and will only be used as a reference by the party.

But the results, the email addresses, the residential addresses, why don’t I just say EVERYTHING is public and can be eavesdropped on without an SSL Certificate.

They can get a free ssl certificate here

Have past it on to them. Thanks for heads up!

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What about an offshore VPN?

That too, although it requires a bit of money!

It’s nice to see another example how these new EU and Oz policies, that supposedly protect the citizens, instantly impoverish the middle and low class.
The rich subscribe to good VPN services and buy Blackphones, the rest loses privacy and crawls the web using the slower free alternatives and loses access to a lot of information (because Tor exit nodes are frequently blocked). Well done!


Now that the Data Retention is in full swing in Australia, it is important to protect your online privacy. Since they are going to record all the activities that anyone performs over the internet and retain it for 2 years, Australian law agencies and intelligence agencies can see everything that you do over the internet.

They can draw patterns about your behavior, internet usage, buying behavior, financial track record, the conversation that you made, and other private information about you. This unrestricted and unwarranted access to host of data about one’s personal life does make you wonder – what great lengths the law agencies can go to convict someone.

The only way to protect your internet activities from landing into the hands of Australian government is by using a VPN. It will encrypt all your internet traffic and keep you anonymous over the internet. This way the Australian ISPs won’t be able to monitor and track all your internet activities. To learn more about how to protect against data retention in Australia, check this blog out: moderator edit: link removed due to possible security risk

Not affiliated but is pretty great. Good privacy laws, pay in Bitcoin if you like, I think you can buy 1 day, week, month, year, etc. They use openVPN. Oh did I mention they are like 5 bucks a month?

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Yep, these guys are great.


Vote harder bro, it would totally change things.

not really.


What actions do you think are necessary, bro?

For those in Australia, there is a thread on broadband forums that explores the issue and there are links and methods to avoid the worse of the data retention. Even methods the current Prime Minister has told the public he uses when he was challenging the then Prime Minister.

Suggest though that you start from a few pages from the end. It is fast moving and explores various aspects of the law.

Most definitely - that’s why I set up LESTp but I haven’t had time recently to spend much time on it . .

No argument about that!

Happy with that too!

However it is likely that the stupid policy can never be policed properly and the next election is only a year or so away . .

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  • rent a cheap VPS with good network performance (say, HK or Panama)
  • configure SSL/Squid proxy (and OpenVPN if desired). Potentially also Tor.
  • create 5 accounts for five friends
  • everyone pays for $1/month
  • configure one of your browsers to use this proxy. Use another browser, or proxy switcher, for situations where you need direct access.

This is doable, takes couple of hours of work and is maintenance free (if you set OS to auto update). With a bit more work you can create your own secure encrypted email and DNSSEC service on the same box.

A free way is to run Tor server and (non-exit) relay at home, but it’s not good for accessing secure sites because you would send your password through other people’s systems. A simplified version of this approach is to use Tor Browser, which is all-in-one solution, but also not good for accessing sites which require you to login.