Australia blackouts another petrol bailout scam

Tesla is saying they can answer the Australia black outs. When BS natural gas was tanking in the US the secret Cheny energy task force helped cook up or cover the Enron scam that unleased a wave of austerity on California through rolling black outs. Its one of the reasons Brown is so set on vacating petrol in the state and set precedent globally. There were no utility arests from the Enron scam. Austrailia should help set global precedent by locking up natural gas fraudsters. They are entitiled to nothing. Invest stupidly and suffer the consequences. Tesla just like after the Alisa Viejo fraud/leak to jack up prices in a glut by making people sick cane in to help clean up the mess witn a battery farm and is promising to help Austrialia vacate petrol as well. They will always say its grid and all that but its just their hostage taking.



The Global Warming denying conservative Federal Government here has made matters much worse . . Since the dramas with the network I have been thinking about a battery solution but I never thought it could actually happen! Then again, it is being canvassed because it is a Labor State Government . . moronic Coalition (Conservative) governments are stuck in the '50s (1850s) . .


Ken Wilber has this new article: Trump and Post Truth. Its an inditement of the left for enabling the idiocy of the right. My own ridgid hatred of hierarchy and insistence on neutrality was at odds in practice with the arc of maturity. Its fine and even necessary to respect people’s development curves (prime directive kind of thing) but not to the point that the world slides into nihilism and narcisism. Just stand there and watch petrol hollow everything out because who are we to judge. Its a placation that enables the worst. He says some very interesting things in my opinion about search in his criticism of Google.


Brown hasn’t been so good according to these people.