At the risk of sounding woo woo

Germ theory was originally rejected, people could not believe in the existence of something you can not see that caused harm. The science eventually helped people catch up and we now cure many people.

There are a couple of effects that should blow peoples minds daily.

  1. Placebo effect, i’m not sure we actually understand how this works.
    Somehow, the power of the mind heals the body, does it generate chemistry to suit the condition?
    If so, how would it know how to do that if in the first place we were going to go
    to a Dr to receive a pill that been heavily researched, how does the body do that almost immediately.

  2. Two slit experiment. Observing, (Is it correct to say applying consciousness ), changes the outcome
    of the experiment. Scale this up. Imagine looking away from your television and it turns in to a potted plant, then looking back and it changes back to a TV - we would freak out.

The 2 effects above, are sound like they belong in the sci-fi realm.

I don’t want to sound woo woo, too spiritual, or other worldly… instead i’ll say, i can’t wait for the science to catch up with the above. Could we one day just think our selves better, even think other people better by applying our thoughts to them?

Of course, you can’t think a severed arm back on to a person, you use the appropriate tool for the job, a 3D surgeon in the here and now is useful to fix the body - and should not be dismissed in favor of thoughts (Prayer if you are that way inclined). You can’t pray a hand back on, but we shouldn’t dismiss any further effects of positive thoughts.

Are there any other effects out there just as puzzling as the above that we should know about?

As far as I know, the thing with quantum mechanics is not observing but measuring, no human, cat or whatever conscious thing needs to ever know the outcome, as long as ‘something’ ‘measures’ the quantum state.

And the double slit experiment is simply the photon existing as a cloud of probability, basically it takes every path it possibly can, somehow interacting with itself and then collapses into one outcome.

note: not a quantum physisist, (don’t even remember how to spell it), so take everything I say on the subject with a huge grain of salt.

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Its more that the probability is that it could be anywhere. Not that it is everywhere. Also the probability of it being on Mars is so so so small that no one would consider it since the universe has existed longer than that probability occurring. Now depending on interpretation the reason for what happens varies.

But the point is that it is the probability of being somewhere is what the probability wave is about, not that it is everywhere.

And some of the latest particle physics suggest that the lowest particles are perturbations in the underlying fields that are everywhere. And this could lead to the reasons for it all. How it all interacts is described by quantum physics.

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