AT&T gives us the middle finger with Ad

AT&T was just allowed to waste 30 plus billion dollars of our money buying Direct TV. This will be used as the basis for AT&T to try to steal even more money from us. After all AT&T could have used that money to actually upgrade the service so that US people weren’t paying 5x more for 1/20 the performance.

But now AT&T has announced in its new ad “The Revolution will be Televised.” This is a quip saying to people that point hat that sponsored TV is a huge problem that the internet was supposed to eliminate that no in fact he revolution is TV, the internet will be turned into the system of profiting from descrimination and censorship and misinformation and puppet installation known as TV. Hence the TV victory will be televised.

I predict AT&T either gets broken up again or goes bankrupt in 10 years. Its expensive, redundant junk.