At some point convert SAFE to hand tuned machine code?

Hoping production SAFE will still be small, maybe the size of DOS 1.0 but its more like a NOS. Now after the RUST code refactor and resultant code base size reduction will there be any advantage to reducing a production version by hand tuning the machine code (assuming its feasible) to squeeze out every bit of performace before reducing it to hardwired micro code on a custom ASIC? My feeling is that even for marketing purposes it screams total comitment to maximal quality and precision. Also that it will help make it lighter and more efficient for possible IOT and mesh. It makes a design statement about seriousness and finished work. No junk code in this DNA.

It would be better to create a cross compiler to create the machine code for an ASIC.

Reason is mainly the advantages of RUST is that it enforces a lot of conditions on the programmers so they cannot write in a lot of hard to find bugs. Not all bugs obviously but many bug types that occur when writing this style of code. To then hand tune any of the code is to allow these common style of bugs to be reintroduced.

RUST already creates highly optimised code and any savings by “hand tuning” will be lost by decreased serviceability of the code and introduced bugs.


Thank you. Was hoping something like that would be the answer.