Assurance v Snoopers Charter

Plans for Increased Internet Surveillance Revealed in Leaked Documents

The U.K. government plans to ask for powers allowing intelligence agencies to spy on people in real-time by introducing encryption ‘back doors’ to communications firms, according to leaked documents.

Privacy advocacy organization Open Rights Group obtained a leaked copy of the government’s draft technical capability notices (TCNs) regulation, which it has published in full on its website.

Under the proposals, all communications companies—including internet providers, messaging apps and phone networks—would be forced to provide police with real-time access to a person’s web browsing with one day’s notice.

“These powers could be directed at companies like WhatsApp to limit their encryption… but if the powers are exercised, this will be done in secret,”…

Assurance is a feature?.. Talk of canary not needed in the past; I don’t know, what else can be done beyond just noting the open source nature of SAFE and the error in the approach that conservative thinking takes.

When voting perhaps consider that Conservatives are not naturally on the side of democracy; privacy; security; freedom… they seem to know only how to perpetuate problems and compound them!


Liberal: trust in the people tempered by prudence


Conservative: Mistrust in the people tempered by fear

Gladstone roughly

conservative, liberal, right, left … seems silly to me - both sides want to control us … IMO, anyone who wants to hold a gun to people’s heads and demand obedience to some arbitrary law is a nut-job as far as I’m concerned … so no need for any other label than ‘statist’.

Well top down too. I am sick of the word “leader” There are no leaders. People have to live there own lives in the end. There may be teachers and parents and older and younger siblings and there may be people who lead but there are no leaders because only we can lead our own lives.

We need to find our own voices and possibly if so inclined and if others are ready for it and want it, help others find their own voice. We can’t have a bully based world or a world where people are kept in perpetual need chasing money. When need relationships based on friendship not fear driven by artificial scarcity and the power derived from unnecessary concentration of wealth. No more money as weapon.

What do you call someone who tries to live as an example for others … as opposed to living vicariously? I agree that the term leader can be bad and I’ve rejected the militant definition of it, but I tend to think of those who try to live as examples as leaders - perhaps there is a better term though.

I go back and forth on the same thought, but also sense that those who sacrifice to be an example are possibly not being genuine unless their path is actually living as an example or ad. Seems better if less contrivance or less fake it till they become it. Maybe it is just a radio dial and we tune to a better station and others tune to it as well when they like the station.

I think the best examples (whatever label we may choose to put on them) are those that continue to evolve themselves and adapt to the ever-changing path before us. I certainly dislike the cult-of-personality crap that many are suckered into … those type of living-examples usually seem to become trapped in their ways by their ego - not wanting to change direction for fear of losing face by admitting that they were wrong in the past.