Asking For A Friend Who Lost His Account Secret

I’m so embarrassed for my friend. He says he saved his account secret in a safe place in case he forgot it. Then after being distracted by a freelance job for a few months, came back to exploring SAFE and realised he had forgotten where he had saved his account secret. Honestly [shakes head] my friend is a clown however I (being a good friend) said I would save him the embarrassment and ask for help on his behalf.

He knows that all his data etc is tied to that account secret and is gone. He is cool with that though as he didn’t do anything with it. He’s wondering whether he can write off that account secret and set up a new one? If so, is there an idiots guide to how to do this somewhere?



The network was reset recently, so even if he didn’t forget his account secret, the data would have been lost.
Here are the instructions how to get a (new) account that you can give to your friend:


Thank you. I will pass this onto my friend.


I’m confused as I am logged into this forum and I have basic trust level.

I click on ‘claim an invitation’ from within the SAFE Browser (latest version) and it send me to a page that tells me to log into my forum account!

Do you mean the page below?
What happens if you click on the round icon in that screen?

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Yes. I clicked the icon and things are progressing. Thank you for pointing out what to do next :slight_smile:

However this is very not intuitive. Why isn’t there a simple “Click the icon in the middle.” Is it an Easter Egg? lol


@DGeddes UI feedback


Seems like an easy enough win for us here. Noted.