Ask not what SAFEnetwork can do for you

Following on from the Greek Translation thread and a PM discussion I was having with riddim.

Just realised not many people likely to look in that thread so have created this new one with a more click-baity title :wink:

Maidsafe themselves are very busy and I’m sure we’d all rather they carried on working on what they’re doing. Their resources are still limited for now, so maybe we should step up to get some of the work done ourselves? At the end of the day if you hold maids and you care about safenet then it’s in your best interests to give a token amount, whatever you can afford, or some of your time to help organise. If we can have it all translated into Chinese, Russian and a few other languages when alpha launches then safenet will have a better chance of growing as quickly as we all want and need it to.

At the end of the day most of us (not all ofc) are just riding coat-tails here. I for one know that I’m frustrated by my lack of technical skill and my inability to be much help with testing etc. I want to contribute and I stand a lot to gain from safenet growing quickly. I’m sure some other non-technical people must feel the same.

What do other people think about us all chipping in a bit of time, ideas or money to get some basic work like this done then?

Is this a silly idea?


thanks for the support I would love to do a greek translation for a bounty. check out my work here [#:] Translations from English to Greek of ANN threads/whitepapers/sites! [#:]
If you are interested feel free to make me an offer. I accept all
cryptocoins, my work is fast and flawless. Im getting paid after I
complete my work.


@Jabba That’s real, and I think worth considering since there will be a live system for people to understand how to use. My best guess is to get a green light from MaidSafe, when it is “launched” and then translate all of the materials as the facts are ossified for once. This way there will not be a moving target, and the information will be consistent the first time.

But maybe things like the website could use translation sooner in multiple languages with flags on the site that would handle that, though Im not sure but could be much extra work at this time to organize the publication and inclusion of text to the website?


@dallyshalla. Yes, I suppose you’re right. Any work would require some organisation and time on the part of maidsafe and they don’t really have time for it. And prior to alpha everything is subject to change so no text can be done ahead of time without needing to go back and edit.

I just feel like I need to do something constructive lol :frowning:


Ask yourself what you can do with MaidSafe, this is a new world of computing, I myself have a little BananaPi with an SSD drive attached, no NAT just waiting… for this reason, the great experiment which can be true. In this forum we can see a lot of discussions about this and that, it is fun as long the focus is clear, it must be on the lower layers, the focus and all effort must be to give me and the world the first real MaidSafe experiment, give me the vault, give me the code and freedom!

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Agreed it would need to be organized because we don’t want to double efforts.

Along the same lines as the network work is application development. The more good apps we have, the better for the network overall. Something I’ve been dreaming about for a while is a way for anyone to help (financially or technically) on anything we as a community want to see made. My proposal is to create a way for us to fund the development of wanted apps. This idea leads to much deeper discussions (can investors and devs own these new projects, how would funds be controlled - paid to devs, how would new features be organized). I would like to talk to anyone interested in this line of thinking, perhaps in a new thread, or PM me…


Money is in the loop, David will be as rich as Bill Gates if this experiment falls out right! But this is not the question, the question is if it works, if all of our hardware and people in common will follow, this is the question! Will it work? I hope so and I am supporting with computing power, not with money, just computing power and there is my money :slight_smile:
Focus on the new low level protocols, just get it stable as it is, you do not have to get it better just get it right! Internet is basics and Maid Safe should be exactly the same but better, a step on the evolution ladder as I see it. But focus, focus on the basics you already showed us all!
The network must be the first and then all the greedy people, well you have to decide, I am greedy and I have a computer, we will see…

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Money is in the loop, David will be as rich as Bill Gates if this experiment falls out right! Will you be rich :slight_smile: Just joking as an old retired expert in IoT and … Well I was one of the group who built the first GSM mobile, I am old with experience. And Money is in the loop, David yes with my congratulations :slight_smile: The world is changing and I love entrepreneurs with vision and strength as David.
The oldest Kickstart project ever they say, I do not care when it started, I care of results. Do not be scared will I say. Be careful and things one and two about the coins. Yes the coins are important but in an secondary level. The MaidSafe network is what matter…

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Count me in for sure!

I want to sponsor someone to build SAFEporn for a start… surely somebody is already working on that one? :sweat_smile:

I doubt that, but not because safenet won’t dwarf microsoft. Bill got rich sitting on top of a pyramid, David has created a level playing field. As I understand it he’s already given a lot of his stake away in the name of altruism. Something tells me David was never in this for the money and I doubt if he cares much about being super rich. Although I’m sure he’s keen to see his supporters and investors (especially those who’ve been there for 10 years) rewarded for their faith in him. :wink:


Tbh I think the community are doing a huge amount already. MaidSafe are a company of 18 or so people with a marketing and support dpt of 700 active members, many large companies don’t have the loyalty and people power the SAFE Network seems to have, and we’re just getting started. The most valuable things I see happening are:

  • Answering question on the forum/reddit/commenting on articles

  • Testing our software

  • Telling us when we’re screwing up

As a small under resourced company it is great to have all this help, please keep it up!


On the topic of translations, I think SAFE should have an integrated (in the addon) translation engine much like google chrome. It would be an important feature for bridging the language gap. Allowing users to enjoy content produced by others worldwide. :relaxed:


i can do every translation necessary

english to greek that is. :smiley:


The community already did some outstanding work with translations to spanish, dutch, french, russian and german last year with the SystemDocs. But since the documentation is not completed as of yet and still subject to change, those were not completely finished.

One thing that can already be done is preparing the wiki for other languages since we basically only have the english part done as of now. So, if you want to help out, I guess this is a good place to start. If you want to start working on a language that is not already included in the wiki, just let me know and I’ll add it.

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