As NXT rises to #3 Market Cap - Is it a shell game?


The Simple guide to how Crypto < to > Crypto IPO deceptions work:

The guide uses NXT as an example and good to keep in mind, that the author has his own coin ‘Quark’

Goal and objectives of the deception:

Cryptocurrency IPO’s deception designed to achieve two primary goals:

1. Manipulate price and create a perception of value.

2. Manipulate Market Cap and create a perception of wealth accrued.

I will explain how both are achieved…

Let’s hope this doesn’t all blow up before SAFE get’s a foothold…a good enough reason to promote the heck out of SAFEnetwork rather than hyping the coin.


Yeah the Nxt Distribution is extremely concentrated, however the actual NXT network and client is worthy of that position when you compare it to everything else.


Yes, from what I’ve seen, though NXT got of to a concentrated crowd funding start, it has been a truly decentralized motion from there, with significant innovation and advancement by diverse actors–likely because it started from a good technical foundation. Market cap is probably well deserved.


Good to know, might dig a little deeper on NXT