Article on Medium by CJ that seems to describe SAFE in a broader context

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this article by C.J. Dew somewhere on the site.
I loved this article because of the way the author talks about decentralized collaborative networks and the decentralization of everything but also for some of the economic language that was new to me and seemingly so clear especially on limits and nature of capitalism.

Its the parts that aren’t summarizing Rifkin and Fresco that seem novel. Maybe it is something in the integration of the ideas? I think the author’s intent is just to summarize some current speculation, but it still seems new. Maybe the author had heard of SAFE, not sure, but even so it seems like he fully gets it and accurately envisions the potential which is so encouraging because when multple people start sharing the same vision without prior exposure to each other that is a hint the vision is about to manifest.


Funny how many different words people can give to lib. socialism/anarchism. Although with the bad rep it’s gotten over the years I guess it’s easier to get people to read it if its “networked p2p society v2.14”.

Kropotkins Conquest of Bread (with the scientific basis for it explored in Mutual Aid) explores similar topics, just written a couple hundred years ago. (although I still find it very relevant today)

In the words of Solomon, nothing new under the sun.

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One area of the article I didn’t like was the social credit section. That’s gossip. I don’t mind it for groups or public persons as much.

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