Article on insidebitcoins: "one coin to rule them all?" Maidsafe get's mentioned


I changed your title because it was somewhat misleading.

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I just realized how confusing it is to say “Bitcoin 2.0” … I mean I know what everyone means by it, as in the next generation of bitcoin-related apps. But think about it. Since people are usually referring to other projects like Etherium, it’s like calling the Android “iPhone 2.0”. When version 2.0 of the bitcoin core comes out, won’t that be funny. Maybe the core devs should bump the version to 2.0 just to mess with everyone lol.

People should really start calling it Crypto 2.0 or Blockchain 2.0 (although MaidSafe still wouldn’t fit in with that moniker). It’s probably one of those misnomers that will stick though.

I really like this article linked in that article:

From another post on that site: Cooperation among Crypto Projects

Oh dear:

Larimer: Storj and MaidSafe are both sub-optimal solutions compared to my own designs which I was working on prior to starting BitShares.

What? I thought this guy knew his stuff:

Larimer: Currently there are only 4 or 5 real block chain technologies out there: Bitcoin, Ripple, BitShares, Nxt, Ethereum, and MaidSafe

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It’s unbelievable how most of the people think Maidsafe is using blockchain technology. In almost every ‘Bitcoin 2.0’ or ‘beyond the blockchain’ article you see it coming back.

What is a good strategy and platform to help the Bitcoin people understand this ? Whenever you post in the Bitcoin subreddit you’ll get downvoted as if you’ve posted the most horrible thing :smile:

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Blockchain companies are quite literally king of the hill in the crypto network space currently. There’s been a lot of money pouring in and I wouldn’t think it in their interest to point out a competitor who has it’s own amazing backbone to it’s network. Maybe this is where the attacks are going to originate from…hence my surprise at Washington DC based ‘Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof’ grilling David…she’s at the very least a competitor…operating on the blockchain.

Daniel Larimer has met personally with David, I’m sure he knows what Proof of Resource is and would well know SAFE does not run on a Blockchain…surely?

It’s probably a waste of time and energy to worry about the misconceptions, once SAFE launches it will speak for it’self and the masses don’t care how it runs. If Blockchain is a design pattern and SAFE is a ready to go network, there is no comparison.

Maybe we could slip a bitcoin article into a major publication and describe how Bitcoin runs on the SAFEnetwork…and how the evil Blockchain is trying to ‘own’ decentralized networks :wink: