Article on BlockPublisher about MaidSafe



Another one that thinks SAFE is a blockchain platform. Bugger.


There’s a reason it’s called BlockPublisher :wink:


Journalism is now = the more articles and pages we cab publish, the more ads we publish, the more ad clicks we get…


Agreed. Saw this earlier, and couldn’t quite bring myself to read through the whole thing. #1: SAFE is not a blockchain. #2: SAFE is about way more than just data storage. #3: MAID is a proxy token and not the fuel on which SAFE will run. So many errors! I stopped reading at that point.

On the one hand they say no news is bad news; on the other hand this is pretty lazy journalism. How hard can it be to research facts that are in plain sight so as to deliver an informed and accurate perspective? It’s not like someone’s trying to hide what SAFE is.