Article: Do Video-Game Worlds Need Government Regulation?

Statists Have to State - An article where it’s pointed out that some Statists believe regulation is needed over the buying and selling of in-game assets. My stomach churns at the thought.

Do Video-Game Worlds Need Government Regulation?

My take is “of course not”. But then I’m a libertarian at heart and don’t think the Statists belong most places they are today. But it’s an interesting read and one more reason we need The Safe Network up and also the future phase of not only data but processing too… I know, one thing at a time.


Yo Bro the decentralized world is already coming with it’s own solution

This in combination with SAFEx & things could get really amusing

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I’m excited about this future you speak of…

No. Eve online is a prime example.

And valve games is another prime example. Digital content are commodities that is valued based on the market consensus.