Article about the SAFE Network on


Overall enjoyed the article, one sticking point I disagree with:

Still, it seems to be a very solid project, and if it takes another decade to be completed that might not be so bad if it actually does deliver on the promise of replacing the currently centralized internet with one that is free, secure and private.

If it takes another decade better believe the MaidSafe coin value itself will be at a whopping 0.00 USD value by then because the company would be out of funding and all employees onto other work if nothing has been delivered by then :laughing: . I wanna see at least something/anything remotely resembling the original vision within 2 years. And I think they have the talent and funding right now to achieve it.


Nicely written article. Hopefully it doesn’t take another decade for completion haha


One of the best articles I have read about the SAFE-network, easy to follow and covers many important areas.


Hope not. Even though BTC is 9 years old, I think that the paste in dapp development gained a lot of traction withing the last 2-3 years. A lot of ambitious projects are in development. Hopefully they will be ready for masses withing the next 2-4 years! Internet 3.0 will be wild!

Yeah, too many people already hunting the decentralized web space, the one who is first to market with a decent product will be the winner.

Yes, and Bitcoin is still in beta!

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