ARM Compatibility

Will the upcoming SAFE installers be compatible with computers with ARM processors?


Yes they will (they have to be for mobile as well)


Great :smile:

BTW there are now some nice slimmed down arch and Debian images for Odroid - see the Odroid forum. I might try one as a comparison.

What are these ARM processors everyone keeps asking about?

ARM is a type of processor that is designed specifically for small, portable devices that are usually run on a battery. These in include smartphones, the raspberry pi (the cheap $35 computer), and more!

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How does a software product become compatible with ARM processors? :slight_smile:

ARM has a different instruction set to Intel/AMD processors, so for software to run on ARM it must be compiled specifically for it (and vice versa).

You can get Linux distributions compiled for Intel/AMD, other distributions compiled for ARM, and so on.

I have already tried some MaidSafe code on ARM, by cross compiling on an Intel machine. Or, you can try building the code on the ARM device itself. Unfortunately this is harder because the Rust compiler is not available for ARM yet.

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Thanks for the clarifications guys.

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Hopefully this something that will be sorted soon.
As Maidsafe seems (on my limited knowledge) to be one of the major drivers for Rust development and ARM compatability appears crucial, perhaps the development bounties could be extended to making this happen?

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It’s already feasible, so not a block. Just harder.

Anyone interested in setting up a bounty for this? I’d contribute (to the bounty).

@ktorn ARM is now supported, just not older kernels - you need v3.9 or later I think (from memory).

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