Are we “for real” considering AI

Just thought this was worth a think, if SAFE becomes a thing and all our data & (eventually) processing power is concentrated in the same network then what should we really consider before a bunch of super smart programs start running around unchecked.

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Except the network does not know what your data is. Its all encrypted on your machine and uploaded to the network, so at no time did or does the network know your data contents.

That pretty much blows that concept out of the water


I would argue there are projects focusing in on that specific problem. That is the “bunch of super smart programs start running around unchecked” problem. PARSEC. It’s the same issue we face with an asteroid smashing into our planet and wiping us out. Why wait for that to happen when we can solve the problem now?

SAFE is the best place to put your data for when this happens. This already happens by the way.

It’s not like lots of very powerful neural net programs aren’t running around on today’s internet.

The only difference is all our data is sitting on facebook or any other evil company’s servers, instead of being hashed and distributed on SAFE.

So where do you want your data to be when the truly intelligent ones come out? :thinking::thinking:

Cheer the guys in Scotland on :+1:


The fear of AI/Automation seems to be rooted in it being a destructive force rather than a productive force. What if AI starts paying us for processing power? Or companies pay us for processing power. It removes the burden on a business to invest heavily into infrastructure that it may only need once a year. Or every 6 months.

Here is an interesting use case. Ask any teacher do you know exactly what you should be teaching your students this semester? Their response will probably be something along the lines of “It’s hard to know what to teach a student.” These are the types of teachers that do deeply care about passing on knowledge. Could knowledge also be synonymous with experience? Could teacher be synonymous with guide? Could the classroom be approached with more of a focus on gaining experience rather than memorizing a bunch of pages from a book?

Problem: teacher doesn’t know what to teach their students until it’s too late. Then the next batch of students come in. The problem is repeated. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Same outcomes over different generations.

Solution: Said teacher needs to run a simulation for how best to teach the group and the individual student. that semester data is shared by the parent based on possible subject strengths/weaknesses or interests. The parent has used AI to determine what their child needs to do to become X. Their child happens to be weak in one of the subjects that will be required to become X. Only data that is agreed upon is shared with the teacher. This data has an expiration date. Which requires the teacher to request the data again if they need it. Which then requires the parent to decide if the situation is appropriate. Said teacher inputs personality types. Inputs supplies needed for certain subjects. Inputs possible subjects for that semester. Hit “go” on their tablet.

As a student in college learning programming i was already “downloading knowledge”. Stackoverflow gave me the ability to see why you write a for loop a certain way. What happens when you start combining function calls and their returns. I can’t figure out new ways of doing things until I’ve learned what has been done and why. I want to be in a situation where somebody with the experience is there to “guide” me. That also requires me to learn the syntax of the language as fast as possible. Requires me to learn data types as fast as possible. How to write a class. What a class is…etc. The focus in my opinion shouldn’t be learning the if, then, else, else if for years. But gaining the experience. That’s what companies are paying for? How many years ago was it that the subject of calculus was considered a PHD level subject? Then it was OK for a Masters program? Then a Bachelors level subject. Did everybody freak out when the fire pit was moved into the kitchen? Then changed from actual fire to then gas? Now it’s an electric oven? Not really sure what the true fear is here.

Want to come up with new ways to generate income for your family? Is that the fear? Job loss. Ok hardware that’s just sitting inside a corp network churning, wasting energy could be moved outside. Decentralized. :slight_smile:

Found this post in the forum on how to start bringing high bandwidth mesh networks to communities.

Just a thunk for job creation.