Are there any apps one would rather want to use a personal clearnet server for?

Uploading data will cost money on the safe network right?

Then having personal clearnet server for a cloud app would be an advantage.

Or am I wrong?

Why would you want a server? Storage will be so cheap you can store everything on SAFE.


Something that requires low latency, blazing fast responsiveness. If you can overcome this with prefetching and buffering, then it’s not an issue (I guess).

I’d be thinking of business websites where their page load times play a big factor in their organic search rankings. When you’re competing with sub 1 second page loads having many, many resource calls, I’d have a hard time believing SAFE could compete with clearnet.

SAFE will have many applications, but, IMHO, this won’t be one where SAFE stands a chance. Heck, most SANs can’t compete with SSD servers, and they’re not doing anything other than TLS on the stream.

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How do you know it will be incredibly cheap?


Because people will share resources they already have. That’s different from building a data center somewhere and hope to make revenue to pay it off.


Online games, video chat and anything else that uses UDP?


At this time game servers would be an obvious one.

But some have suggested that SAFE can be used to set up the connections so that a degree of anonymity can be maintained and the game is basically on SAFE without a internet identity. Just the connections to each other and game server (if one) are direct.

For video chat the suggestion is that users connect to their relay node which then talk to the other person’s relay node so there is reduced lag and should give reasonable performance. But still have anonymity in that the IP addresses of the other party are never known by either party


There will definitely be use cases where different types of networks work best. SAFE will be best for most :slight_smile: but certain things that don’t require privacy might and need slightly faster connections (certain types of games etc) will be better on single servers perhaps.

Nothing ever completely takes over 100%. Maybe 99% though :slight_smile: