Are Solid State Drive better than Hard Disk Drive for farming?



Hi all, I’m wondering what equipment i should buy that’s good for farming? And also is a SSD better than a HDD for farming? I’m wondering if i were to buy 1TB of hardrive lets say, should i buy the SDD? or buy the HDD that costs about 10 times less. Would the fact that SSD being 100 times faster than the HDD farm a lot more safecoins? Or is HDD a better choice because you get 10 times the storage space for the same price?

And also, i heard HDD cost more electricity than SSD, so should that be taken into consideration too ?


SSDs are becomong cheaper by the year in comparison to Harddrives.

The benefits for farming are not as great as one might imagine.

  • First you have to consider the internet link that you will be running the farm on.
  • Second you need a computer that can run the code in a timely manner (most modern computers fit this)
  • Third you need to consider the size/speed of your hard drive

Now if your internet link is not that fast then SSD is overkill, useful but not worth buying just for farming. Its nice for a faster computer though.

But if you have a Gbit/sec internet link then it maybe well worth the expense and also run a number of vaults on it and not just one vault.

I had not considered electricity costs before, but since my drives are like 3-5 watts for the green(er) ones and 3-10 watts for the faster ones I had not considered it as a major factor. But maybe if you ran a SBC+SSD on solar then it could be a winner.


@neo Power costs are worth considering. I don’t know what it’s like where you are but here in Canada, particularly in B.C., power prices can be brutal. I had a friend this last winter who was nearly freezing to death, literally, because he could barely afford the rising hydro bills to pay for the heaters to keep his house warm. Some people have to choose between rent and power. Canada also has some of the highest internet and cell phone bills in the world. So combine paying for internet or your cell phone and then power on top of it and it adds up. So the power expense of a mining rig is worth consideration, if for no other reason than pure economics because if you’re paying more to your hydro and internet bill than you’re making in safecoin profit it isn’t worth it.


We dong[quote=“Blindsite2k, post:3, topic:14624”]
So the power expense of a mining rig is worth consideration

We don’t mine, we farm. If you have power to keep your laptop on, you have the power to farm.


Yeah but I’m thinking if I’m going to be buying lets say 100 Hardrives to farm, their power consumption all together becomes an issue. of course, if you’re just doing it causally not commercially it wont be an issue.


If you have 100 hard drives, you better have some gigabit connection.
You need one of these:

Which consumes like this:

And you can choose one of the following hard drives:

To put it in context, a farm setup with 100 hard drives mounted in your own home, it would consume as much electricty as a single fridge. (This estimation is considering the worst case scenario of being at peak usage all the time, without idle time.)

You guys seem to be really scared accustomed to the PoW mining, we won’t need much hardware (if you guys find a cheaper way of doing it, and more energy efficient, even better), and we don’t need to do wasteful operations, therefore we don’t need to be wasting electricity like crazy.

Welcome to the new world :slight_smile:


Still always good to have the calculations on hand. :slight_smile: