Are Safe Vaults servers or not: a discussion

This is a database server that uses peer-to-peer and the gossip protocol. So I should tell them to rename their instances to vaults?

A vault is a like a server in a P2P network.

Wow did you even read what they said. They even say you can run it on a computer, or a server or a … So even they do not say the computer it can run on is a server. (Read under “does it scale”)

And they do not call the individual computers servers but they call them Nodes. Just the same as the SAFE network.

When your cluster spans multiple nodes (physical machines, virtual machines, or containers), newly split ranges are automatically rebalanced to nodes with more capacity.

No need they don’t call the nodes servers anyhow.

Hahaha lets just redefine things again. Nope a true distributed P2P network does not call the peers servers. Otherwise it would be S2S.

Do you understand what a Peer to Peer network is?

Ever worked with distributed file systems? I guess not by your displayed lack of knowledge on these matters.

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They call them Servers in several places on that page as well.

You’ve again just taken one single quote out of an entire page. To prove a point that a node has no relationship to a server. I disagree.

No because when vaults talk to vaults they ARE peers, I never said they weren’t.

Yea because they start off talking of what it can run on then move to what they envision it should run on. So node is not a server, but you can run it on a server. Also the clusters are called servers and that is what they refer to when talking of servers. Read it fully.

And thank you for the link, sounds like an interesting project. Might read more tomorrow.

Lol, hear that whistling sound again. Missed the point didn’t you, maybe your lack of knowledge/experience is the cause of that. Let me help you here, I was not suggesting you did not say that. What I am saying is that in a peer to peer network the peers are sending data to and fro just like the vaults are in the safe network. But to call vaults servers means that in P2P networks the PEERs are also servers and thus by definition it is a S2S network. Comprehend? You call me uninformed and not able to know what the industry uses, wow.

You are missing the point too, a cluster of iPads working together will form a database server. In the common definition of the word. 3 iPads are now working as a server for anything that wants to query them. They are in their own right servers.


I can’t find vault in that page anywhere, or made up words that define it as something special.

No I didn’t, stop making statements about me that are untrue.

Yes you have because you told me I could not call upon industry standard which others follow and had to get the others to speak directly to you, and you had the arrogance to think you are happy to tell them the facts. Thus I was uninformed and unknowledgable. Me thinks that because I am accused just giving uneducated opinion that is what is being done by the accuser.

Love your convoluted thinking. That means that because in a real server there are many processes (separate components) that because all of them together is a server then the components must be servers also. Your logic shows a lack of real understanding of how things can and do work.

Vaults are just that vaults and not servers in the usual usage of the term server in the context of the internet. Just because all the vaults in the network make up the safe network which can be considered a huge server does not mean the components are also servers in their own right. Nope they are components that together make the singular huge server that is the SAFE network. Its a P2P type of network, not a S2S type of network. Just like other P2P networks are not S2S networks by normal usage of the terms.

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I agree.

I Agree.

I agree.

They are all individually capable out acting as a server within this huge server. So when a CLIENT requests data from this P2P network of servers. They may be severed by 1 or many individually servers.

Please feel free to call upon industry standards through IEEE references or inviting other professionals into this conversation.

If they are called servers in the usual sense then its not a Peer to Peer network. This is by definition. Not opinion nor conjecture.

So which is it, P2P or S2S?

You can’t keep convoluting different things into the one thing.

There have already been a couple above. How many do you need before you will listen. Oh thats right you will not, you’ll tell them where they are wrong like you already have done to the others people in this conversation. Really childish attempt sorry to say.

I’ve said this several times.

Vaults talking to Vaults is a P2P network because they are acting as PEERS.

Vaults responding to a Safe-Browser, are acting as SERVERS.

A vault is a server in the normal definition of the word, even if it has other properties such as P2P connectivity with other vaults.

It’s not how many I need, is a fair distribution with no bias, most people around here have a ‘Steve Jobs’ like view of David.

Wow I know you’ve said this many times and you still avoid the one fact that proves you wrong. Are the peers in a peer to peer network servers or not. If tehy are then its a S2S. Oh and to educate you most P2P networks also have computers that only get data from or put data to the peers, but you should already know this.

So lets get busy people to give up their time at your whim. Childish really, no concept of professionals.

You were the one making claims on their behalf. I’m not being childish.

Goodnite, I’ve finish this childish attempt of yours to try and redefine the world to your standards. And I’ll just keep working with industry standards. But can you please, please I beg you, educate yourself as to what vaults do in the network and how sections work.

When you wake up, feel free to reference IEEE standards, or anything you like, invite professionals or your mates. But tell me why these two individual statements are untrue. If you don’t ill just assume you can’t

Hey mate we have been trying to tell you. I told you just above, but you cannot understand

You want to have Peer to peer network as P2P and yet vaults in a P2P are suddenly servers. But hey so are the Peers in a Peer to peer network also talking to individual computers.

So if Peer to Peer networks are P2P and not S2s then so is vaults doing the same thing.

Put another way, if Vaults are servers tehn so too are the peers in a peer to peer network when they talk to end computers that query the P2P network.

Can you understand that?

The arrogance is dripping off that statement too. You consider me just an uneducated clown who is just giving opinions. Please educate yourself I did and is why I can see through your claims and see them as uneducated arguments.

I have been an IEEE member for many years if you are, then log into your ieeeXplore and you will find hundreds of papers of p2p where many state the definition of p2p. It will help you immensely.


I hope not, but that is also inflammatory, I asked you not to do that. It is especially annoying as you wish to remain anonymous, but cast stones at somebodies lack of anonymity. I will ask you again to refrain from slander. This is where the virtual world is tough, people would not say that in person so it shows a great weakness in a person to resort to these comments. Please do pack it in.


Peer-to-peer ( P2P ) computing or networking is a distributed application architecture that partitions tasks or workloads between peers. Peers are equally privileged, equipotent participants in the application. They are said to form a peer-to-peer network of nodes.

I can see that vaults are a P2P network. When they function as a server being called as a such, a server.

You are both innovators, and the captain of a ship.