Are my topics really "Off-Topic"?

I just had these two topics:

Could we evolve the SAFE Network into an advanced meritocracy?


Will I not be able to use the SAFE Network (in any meaningful way)?

moved by @Josh from the Community to the Off-Topic category. I find that strange. Can I have an explanation, please?

Also, if they don’t belong there (the second topic was moved there by someone else after I originally posted it in the Development category), where do they belong?

The Mods are in the process of discussing this. We will get back to you asap regarding the outcome.
I appreciate your patience.

I also have a question/suggestion that I would like any wise comments on. It is that, when these threads are reinstated, should I open a separate topic for those who would like to discuss me personally? Due to the sorts of allegations against me, these incursions into other topics have a tendency to become very disruptive and emotional on some of the parties.

As for the pending decisions on this matter from the mods, I have noe doubt whatsoever that the threads will be reinstated and that it will be decided that there is no blemish to be remarked about my contributions, especially regarding these two latest topics, to the SAFE Network community.

It’s just rather sad that @Josh, being in the position of authority and trust they’re in, should so readily succumb to an emotional knee-jerk, moral panicky reaction based on an allegation which a) surely wasn’t checked in any way whatsoever, and b) which, in any case should have been dismissed as irrelevant.

There’s been more than 20 hours of deliberation on this matter now.

You present yourself as something of a technically ignorant pedophile Nazi who takes pride in living on other people’s money. Even if somebody were interested in discussing you, this forum is hardly the place.

This type of people will surely find the Safe Network when it goes live and will then contribute to a negative perception of SAFE. I guess they will be a necessary evil, at least as long as the police just keep spying on everybody instead of doing regular police work. But I see no need for providing a forum for them here.

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The moderation team have become aware of the links provided by Halvor and his unrepentant background in illegal material that we had no other option than to Ban the user Halvor