Are MAID holders hostages of OMNI?



I think the concerns here are overblown. Omni is a good protocol, and the bitcoin scaling dispute won’t last forever. So eventually we’ll have lower fees and the addition of off-chain transactions that will be fast and super-cheap. For myself, I would just sit tight until early September when the dust settles and we know where we stand. As for keeping MAID on an exchange (as one person suggested), that’s a bad idea. Remember the adage, “If it’s their keys, it’s their coin.” People have been seriously burned by keeping their coins / tokens long-term on exchanges. Yet people still do it, thinking, “It won’t happen to me.” Get your MAID over to Omni and don’t sweat it.


Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:


Bitcoin fork in 1 august is this fork any affect our maidsafe coin? Is there any chance to lost Maidsafe Coin ? My all maidsafe coin in omni wallet with my private key bitcoin address ?


You can’t lose your MAID as a result of the fork if you don’t transfer them following any fork until it’s clear the Omni protocol has a clear course and transferring doesn’t carry any risk.

The Omni developers will be the ones who can provide the best information, but reading through this thread will help as well.


Does it make sense to hold the coins in exchange temporarily ?


On one hand, you’ll have less control if they’re on an exchange, on the other, they’ll have experts figuring out how to use the Omni protocol safely after any forks / disruptions.

You’ll be completely safe if you just keep them in an adress you have the private key for until things settle.