Are human's centerlized and impose this onto the safe network?

A question I have had for a while, The human experience is to gather together on knowledge/thought servers where most of our activity is done in one place.
Pick any subject from economics too spirituality the majority of population seems to put all their energy into central belief bank and if one lives outside theses systems are thought to be a explorer or living in the shadows of society.

I have had the thought that bitcoin in ten years will become centralized by the money changers and will be locked into central bank where it will become another fiat currency that is easy to transport and exchange around the world.

Will the Safe network out of human behavior be just transferring apps like Facebook and youtube or what ever the flavor of the day is onto the network because it is convenient and causing a centralization of public data onto a few applications.I can see applications still tracking accounts and sharing information.

My thought for a long time on the public side of the safe network, that I should be my own Facebook/ youtube application and have my own profile/wall and have the abilty to go use a search engine to find friends publicly or have the option to have the same functionality to be private as i like by tweaking the public settings as I wish. By having centralized apps is limiting and one sacrifices their freedoms because one looses control of choices/settings.

I think the safe network as a new empty network is like a new house, we have the abilty to furnish the way we like, and throw away our old way’s and start to buy from the farmer instead of the supermarket chain.

So my thought is I would love to see the safe network in whole to be a Facebook,youtube,ebay all combined on one network but also scattered on the network like ants where I go to you’re own youtube app or your own facebook wall/profile app.

People mostly just don’t know what exactly are they talking about when talking about (de)centralization. How is it centralized/decentralized? In what aspect? Bitcoin is already centralized in a lot of aspects, what are the important ones?

I think he’s asserting that humans naturally move towards centralization.

Maybe it’s some evolution thing, left over from when we lived in tribes with chiefs.

IDK, I think we’ll evolve out of it soon, seeing how we can be much more productive and efficient by empowering everyone & utilizing everyone’s combined intelligence / gifts instead of bowing to rulers.

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1 To bring to a center : consolidate centralize all the data in one file
2. To concentrate by placing power and authority in a center to central organization.

Internet we have today started decentralized but we found it easier to concentrate all our data into a few servers, Now we see internet 2 hence the safe network.

What I am saying are we going to have all our creative vision onto a few app’s onto the safe network. or can we create something much better and have our own avatar identity application website that has ability to be truly p2p.

What I am trying say why do we need a safebook or a safetube. why can we not have all these features on our own avartar website where we take control instead of giving up our freedom to one authority application.

We seem to be digitizing our freedoms away to Facebook or twitter to be the new master ruler class AI, but who is the invisible man that filter and controls the information we receive. The mass media collects millions of people and reprograms the mind by using one square box.

We need to stop building temples. Facebook is a temple. Google is a temple. Television is a temple. A newspaper is a temple. When we started adopting chiefs and spiritual leaders as symbolic authority figures we started building temples around them and subsequently building civilization and law around them. Even if we create SAFE if we just continue to adopt new authority figures and build new temples we will follow the same pattern of behavior. The world is naturally decentralized. There are no rules save for natural law. All possitive law is artificial.

For example: I think what’s more important than a social network app is a social network platform app. That is allowing anyone to create their own “SAFEBook” network. Somewhat like how Diaspora allows anyone to create their own Diaspora pod opposed to how Facebook is the ONLY centralized installation of Facebook. If one is allowed to create a platform of one kind or another one is granted independence and decentralization of power. If one is merely granted USE of a platform then one is restricted to dependence and centralization of power, specifically that of those that control the platform.


You have got it, and a excellent explanation, Thank you :smile:

This what I have been trying develop myself is my own profile page that has all the benefits of popular apps on the internet.
So a user can come see my public data and have the option to logon and to access rights to my private media or be directed to my webstore. have full control what i want to be private and what i want to be public by changing account settings on my own platform by granting keys to the user.

Then in turn a user can invite me to their profile page to maybe just to go watch a video they have created or read there novel they have been creating.

Now if I wanted update my profile page it should be as easy as plugin some new code onto my page, now amazing I have my own independent art gallery that is not dependent on an app like flicker .

I believe things can be so much better now on safe network the scooping up all creativity and content into single applications.