Are hosts compensated for providing service or penalised for not providing it?

In reference to my post on the subreddit:

It is incorrect to say that data is hosted at no cost. There is no FIAT or monetary cost. But you do pay in safecoin to upload data to the network. You get safecoin by devoting resources to the network. This is also what pays for hosting data on the network: various people devoting resources to the network. When you start up a vault that’s a node on the network. The network then take those resources and sends them where they are needed and pays you, the user, in safecoin for your trouble.

At the end of the day one could trade safecoin for fiat currency but the network at large doesn’t care about the monetary value of safecoin.

The particular use case I’m thinking of is video content that goes viral, where many thousands of people all of a sudden want to see a particular piece of content at the same time. A single host (or handful of hosts) isn’t going to be able to cope so I want to know how the MaidSafe network handles that kind of demand. If many thousands of people are provided with the content that they want, who is providing it? What incentive is there for them to do that?

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You “pay” in safecoin to upload the video. Its a one off charge.

This question of yours has already been answered at the time you asked it yesterday

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This doesn’t sound like a good solution for content creators that rely on either direct or shared revenue from external sources like advertising. Can a viable (as in: supports many thousands or even millions of viewers and compensates hosts and content creators) youtube competitor be built on MaidSafe?

Well then build the APP to do that.

SAFE will cache high usage files and its up to the APP to charge people to see the Vid so the creator can be “compensated”.

The “hosts” (actually vaults) are compensated according to the protocols of the network and should work fine. Its not as if there is going to be only 100 nodes supplying a viral video, but 1000’s or millions if a lot of people want to see it.

These nodes participate in the network knowing how they will be paid. Its not as if the viral video is going to be the only content being accessed. Even a massive viral video is going to be a tiny portion of the network traffic at any one time, so vaults will be getting coin for GETs on other content and some will shoulder the load on the current viral videos.

Why not, youtube is simply supplying access to files. Their adverts are other files. The advertisement supported youtube simply accesses an advert before showing you the vid.

Mind you a advertisment support youtube is not necessary since the Pay-The-Developer reward will provide a support stream for the APP developer. The vids can have embedded advertisments to suport themselves if they really want to. And there are other ways to do this too.


Slightly OT, but why did uploading a funny video ever become so lucrative?! I mean ‘You’ve been framed’ always completely ignored inflation and has only ever offered a Beadle-hand sized £250, so why do people seem so entitled on YouTube?

It reminds me of an interview with Paul McCartney where he was against music piracy because he said a band who had a one hit wonder, deserved to live off it for the rest of their lives, and shouldn’t have people sharing their music for free.

BTW, That wasn’t an intentional link between delusional entitled people and scousers by the way. Although, if the shell-suit fits…

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Are you saying the content creators are delusional and entitled for wanting to be paid for the consumption of the unique, desireable content they created?

Alternatively, perhaps anyone who thinks they have a right to consume content for free against the will of the content creators is delusional and entitled… and may sometimes be scousers too, though that’s beside the point :wink:

If YouTube is making money by owning the platform & advertising, why shouldn’t they generously share proceeds with the content creators that make YouTube an interesting place to visit? Surely the content creators are deserving, and if being deserving goes unrewarded, it would be fair to feel peeved.

Do I think that someone who uploads a video that makes me go “heh” for a split second deserves to be paid ludicrous amounts? Not really no.

If 10m people go “heh” for half a second, that’s 58 days of happiness generated.

If 10m people thoroughly enjoy a 5 minute video, that’s 95 years of happiness. Surely that’s deserving of reward?

If YouTube earns revenue on the back of this through advertising, isn’t it fair that they share a good portion of that revenue with those that created the value?

Why should you be entitled to benefit from other people’s work without paying for / contributing towards it (e.g. by viewing ads / paying a tiny fee)?

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Are you serious? Does everything have to have a commercial value?! Just because it’s on the internet for consumption?

If you were in a group of people and made 3 of them laugh (unlikely, but stay with me), do you deserve to be compensated for that? Or would the personal Kudos be enough?

On this forum, should you be paid for each like that you get? Or again, should kudos be enough?

People are getting paid for their moments of mirth due to the likes of Google monetising it, so of course they should get something in that example, otherwise google is exploiting their ‘work’.

But as to whether they deserve to be paid lucratively for just recording themselves doing something funny, then sharing with the world, then no, i don’t believe that they do.
But the current content monetising model has made them believe that they are entitled to a lot of money as a fair reward for their ‘work’. But the only reason they are getting paid is because there’s a company in the middle making money from their data.

Before Youtube when funny videos were shared phone by phone, or when memes/pictures/videos were sent over email… we didn’t seem to worry to much about ‘rewarding’ the content creator then, but now the likes of Google have convinced you that you should… so they can get their cut too.

I hear Nestlé are hiring in their water division, I think you’d do well there.

I was only referring to commercial content / content that is monetised by a platform (including music from a band with a one hit wonder). Making people laugh and being on this forum is not my job. For many content creators, creating content is their job.

I’m not against people sharing things for free and fun, but I was disagreeing with the sentiment that people who expect to get paid for their original content are delusional and entitled.

Anyway, who told you that it would be unlikely I could make 3 people laugh… Barbie? (see! I can be funny!).


Got me! Two to go…


I think my main gripe is the money that is involved in the media and music industry and that often, it is not related to the effort that’s actually put in.

Say for example Edd China has his segments on youtube, which I enjoy watching, and he answers questions and shows interesting stuff so yes I agree he should be paid a fair amount related to the effort put in. But ‘Charlie bit my finger’?

Anyway, I think I’ve just realised that I’m a full blown Socialist.

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That will be 5 MAID please… :smiley:

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What are you some kind of rent-seeking middleman? My MAID are going direct to @DavidMc0 for his excellent joke, thank you very much.


Dragging up old stuff here, but wanted to comment following some serious contemplation and discussion with some ‘yoofs’ of today.

Basically, I still think the obscene amounts that people get for viral videos is silly, but I know that I need to accept there is a new social media ‘industry’ (don’t laugh, i know its slow, but I’m from the manufacturing industry so we don’t like hairy fairy stuff! We still think PR are utter wankers and that’s been a real ‘industry’ for 30/40 years).

I’ve always just dismissed people working in social media as chancers, just making money from morons on the web, which I guess has stemmed from the general narcissistic nature of bloggers (and my dated mentality).

So anyway, I do accept that online content has value… so what will happen to the people who rely on youtube/facebook etc. for income when the maidsafe network comes about? maybe a Twitch model (i’m pretending I know about twitch) where consumers could donate maidsafecoin to those content providers?

Anyway, thanks for making me think Davey. :grinning:

Search for PtP / Pay the Producer. It’s not decided to be implemented but to be trialled - because as you will see it’s a bit like Marmite on this forum, but the idea is to provide a no brainer option for anyone posting public data (music, video, articles, anything) to be rewarded with a fraction of the farming rewards generated by the posted data (so in relation to its popularity).