Arcadia Power allows new way to cut the cord on Carbon Power

Arcadia Power for a 1.5 cent per kw premium (few dollars a month) allows you to instantly cut the cord on your home’s oil/coal/gas power bill. It means an equivalent amount of wind power is injected into the grid.
I was under the impression that the power industry did not compete and hence we shouldn’t allow for profit utilities, this makes it seem much less certain.

I wonder if this means dirty power will find a way to secretly waste power to try to slow their fall.

You’re right:

Is Arcadia Power an electricity supplier?
No. Arcadia Power doesn’t supply electricity. We only buy 100% clean Renewable Energy Certificates to match your usage.

This is another green scam. Hope they go bust.
They “support free market”, but then they buy electricity from the renewable thieves (who in turn are subsidized by the government).

It must be a “big data”- and “fintech”-driven scam - they probably figured out how to market this scam work out better than the low tech thieves.

LOL! how are they thieves?

The renewable thieves?
They take stolen money (subsidies) that State steals from taxpayers. Thieves.

Its for a good cause, namely avoiding a nuclear WWIII over our global energy crack addiction. Now those are defense dollars well spent.

History is full of coercive leaders with allegedly good intentions.
It won’t be different this time. (Let alone the fact that people who are plundered are mere taxpayers from all strata of the society, so the coercion is completely indiscriminate and hence unjust - even those who ride bicycles to work are subsidizing Oprah).

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:joy: You really hate subsidies!

I want to thank you for your tax as well. Here in Holland we have a lot of money coming in from Apple and others. This means, they create jobs in China and pay taxes in Holland and Ireland using a ‘Double Irish With a Dutch Sandwich’.

btw: Sibanye Gold Limited trading below BV :wink:

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Think I will take Arcadia up on its offer. I love the idea of carbon profit suppressing wind energy being literally injected. Love the idea of taking the decision out of the hands of the bribed and those missled by the bribed. Iran will get a nuclear deal out of dumping oil. By the same logic green plus viable batteries and an increasingly dc superconducting smart grid is an even quicker and more direct threat to oil money and its useless rotting empire. Without oil carbon profit the right is dead.


I read somewhere earlier this week the artisan-oriented Etsy has lost its position on some leftist list of socially responsible companies because they are also “optimizing” their taxes with differential pricing.

Apparently responsibility towards their shareholders doesn’t count!

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There is no responsibilty toward shareholders. That is some absolute nonsense. The requirement to try to turn a profit is only there to prevent tax evasion. If backseat driver share holders don’t like management they can fire it through the board.

A competitor is encouraged to come in and run things indefinitely as close to the margin as possible to keep the competition honest. Wages will be a much better use of profit than wasting it on shareholders. I’d love to see a requirement that wages always be at least 2x what went to management and share holders for larger firms, just as Id love to see market value pinned to not more than 2x book value. When gain doesn’t match contribution its theft.

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They didn’t evade, they optimized (by offloading profits to overseas).
Obama’s gov’t doesn’t have a problem with that - Etsy didn’t get sued and neither did Obama’s gov’t ever try to change the “rules”.

Does MaidSafe Foundation have no fiduciary responsibility toward MAID holders?

I’d say not much to nothing. Its obligation is to the public and customers not even close to as much to risk takers and maybe none to speculators. I hate the model where everything and all the deference and dilligence is supposed to go to capital riskers. Where possible we need to contribute and not simply bet or throw money around for gain.

Above I meant to put there is no obligation to shareholder to turn a profit. There really isn’t. The rule is to prevent tax evasion by for profits. There is no obligation because the share holders can get rid of management. That is the check. And there is no obligation on shareholders to seek a profit. Now the useless capitalist class gets pissed off when people run things at cost plus development because they dont like competition and dont have the passion to sustain the needed interest beyond competitive rent seeking.

Whenever I hear the phrase “carbon credits”, I remember that this is essentially a tax on the air you breathe, well obfuscated. Truly, they have monetized every last thing the Earth provides for free.

There was a time when the Hudson river foamed and caught fire. The public got angry over that as it should have and it used law, tax etc. to place limits on money and prevent this nonsense. Tax, voucher, law all are very much concerned with limiting money as a tool to abuse power.