April 24th #initiatives appear.in hangout notes

I take notes in bulletpoints and phrases. If anyone needs to explanation of what I myself mean, or what we as a group discussed, I’d be happy to do so.


  • /r/safenetwork
  • /r/safecoinmarkets
    • SafeExchange
    • /u/escalicha @???
    • Price trolling
    • safeexchange forums
    • haven for speculation


  • Software
  • Content
    • Category Portals
      • App-Dev
      • End-User
      • Farmer
      • Core-Dev
    • strictly fact-presenting and link-aggregating
      • bitcoin wiki
      • Arch-wiki
      • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
      • archive.org
    • organization
      • Glossary and definitions
      • @fergish
      • style/punctuation
      • page formatting
        • templates
        • plugins
      • Client -> End-user
      • theme w/ logo


  • Risk
  • @Scott for UI
  • may be crowd-funded, but it’s artist approved only


  • Public Domain = CC-0
  • Other CC licenses

Clearnet DNS


  • merge #bugs -> #support
  • pinned topic in #support
  • close off initiatives to only contributors
  • pinned topic in #community:initiatives
  • support multiple languages
    • Specific languages:
      • spanish
      • russian
      • german (@benjaminbolan?)
      • french
    • category-specific moderators
      • discourse developing feature ATM
      • ready around July
    • same “safenetwork.io
    • foreign mods must speak english?

Chat support

  • IRC
    • more popular than you would think
  • Discord
    • no sign-up
    • good for community support
    • audio hangout
  • Slack
    • internal and coordination between teams
  • appear.im
    • A/V hangout
  • google hangouts
    • NSA


  • curated? (by who @frabrunelle? I want @polpolrene in there too)
  • automation opportunities
    • top X posts of last week
    • podcasts published on custom RSS feed
    • events announced through maidsafe.net
  • blog posts/articles mentioning the Network
  • TWiS - obviously
    • Tue/wed post-dev-update
    • Pull Requests/RFCs
    • Code Update/Roadmap milestones
    • twitterhandle=@safenetworknews

API book

  • @dallyshalla
  • Multiple programming languages
    • python
    • rust
    • javascript
  • flow is important
    • small building blocks first
    • examples first
      • e.g. “trust me on this”
    • concepts next
      • e.g. “this is why we did it this way that first time”
  • pending SD API
  • “vanilla” actions to take on the Network
  • wallets
  • dynamic data
  • linked multi-sig



  • We’ll never have near as much info as Maidsafe (the Company)
    • milestones:
      • beta
      • v1.0
      • separate pod employs rust engineer
  • Resources
    • time - to pour over and discuss the code
    • money - to dedicate one or more people just to the code
  • Do not advertise Rust engineer opening in Maidsafe (the Company)
    in the community
  • Donations to Maidsafe are tax-deductable
    • is a charity/foundation
    • external pods may choose to donate instead of invest in own
      rust engineer
  • Incentive needs to be there to create rust engineer opening
    • intranet
    • launcher plugins
  • Absurd to have third-party contributing to maidsafe code right now
  • Keep links and docs up-to-date
    • github repos
    • api documentation
    • diagrams, infograms, and roadmaps

Maidsafe (the Company)

  • Don’t want to step on toes with any new documentation
  • API book vs api documentation
  • farming book vs QA
  • Wiki vs
    • github readme pages
    • systemdocs
    • whitepapers
    • recorded hangouts
  • don’t duplicate efforts
  • make sure everyone is aware of what the other party is doing
  • no communication breakdown (a la Page&Plant)

Post your own TODO as a comment below - remember, no duplicating



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@smacz you can include me to moderate the reddit for safecoin markets speculation; @escalicha replied to me, and he’ll be up for it as well; very glad :smiley:

BTW rock on man @smacz!! :thumbsup:


Is there already an effort on the this? I would like to help, at least be able to add what I learn along the way if it’s not already added…


That’s the whole point of contributing to the book! I know that @dallyshalla is working on an outline:

the working title is something like “building your first safe app” .it’s envisioned to walk through everything sequentially and at the end have a rudimentary app running on the network - whatever that may be. Similar to rust’s “rustonomicon” introduction book to the language

  • how to have a SAFE Network backend
  • with your app
  • data interacting application
  • something straight forward
  • vanilla examples
  • and realisitic

Besides this, no this hasn’t been really worked on before. Not in book form. I’d say contact @dallyshalla if anyone - he’s got the most floating around in his head about this I’d wager.


Keeping things dead simple should be important, so that others can see and figure out their own app ideas; and evolutions.

Of course like in rustonomicon - we should see some progressions into a complete moment of an application.

This will be more concrete for me after some more testing against the network.

@smacz the goal should be that other devs also can document their vanilla components for application creation as well. I hope to lead by example, certainly


Of course. No one can know everything. This is meant to be a collaborative effort.


For farming http://pcpartpicker.com/

a website like this would be incredibly helpful… we can share our builds and suggest Operating systems; and give feedback.

I’ve been using some components not very good with ubuntu; So searched there to discover a motherboard in the same form factor and same CPU type to replace the incompatible one I have now.