Apps authenticating to and interfacing with SafeNetwork


I recently read this on safedev.org
…and I remain a little confused as to how apps will talk to the SafeNetwork.

Some clarification would be much appreciated:

At some point recently, there was talk of an SDK rather than an API and this involved NodeJS (and I think React framework)? I was concerned as this seemed to be mandating dependencies and a specific framework, but didn’t get deep enough in my understanding to be sure.

It seemed to me from reading that there wouldn’t be a REST API in future, but the docs for this are still easily findable and shows http requests and refers to the launcher. . Is any of this still relevant or not? (I’m pretty sure the launcher is going, right?)

We now have two alternatives, Node.js API and DOM API? Is that correct?
Is Node.js API able to directly interface between an app and the SafeNetwork without SafeBrowser?

How will native, compiled apps be authenticating and interfacing with SafeNetwork?

Many thanks in advance for any clarifications that can be made.




Hi Peter,
I just replied to your post on the dev forum:



Indeed you did bochaco, quite comprehensive, thank you very much.




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