Apps and sites using alternative coins

Yea, not meaning don’t do the fancy UI, 3D etc. But just be mindful when doing it that inexperienced people will be using it too.

In other words don’t expect everyone to know what a symbol/icon is (or its purpose) because its often used in these games. Knowing the meaning of them came from experience. I do not mean don’t have the nice 3D UI or anything.

Mind you the old “text” style can be awfully quick to use and easy to find stuff on. But the 3D is great as well.


We’ll come around to it that’s for sure, And rightfully atm have hands full getting to a 1.0 on the UI and the coin library; already that’s magical…

And test what works well with these two different styles. I anticipate we will add to the team toward the end of the month (have a dev in mind). But will see how soon we get to 1.0 on the current in production UI.

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Always define your terms no matter what.


Yes I agree that this is its main purpose. Our SASC isn’t meant for anything on SAFE, it just proves entrance into the voting programs, SafeCoin profit sharing, and facilitated the sale.

I also have trouble getting the need for site-specific coins, and that’s why the Safe App Store will only deal in SafeCoin. I definitely believe things have to be as easy to use as possible, especially in our crypto area, to have real fighting chance. So the more currencies means the more complicated and more variables to go wrong.

At least in my eyes.

The awesome thing about open source is that someone can just fork the app and replace the UI with whatever they prefer. Even better (bloater): make all the UIs live within the same app!

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I can testify to what @neo was saying as a non technical non gamer person. The bank vault you posted @dallyshalla was confusing and overwhelming for someone like me even though I understand and agree with the concept of app tokens (which is a paradigm shift in thinking by itself). I second the idea of @19eddyjohn75 building an app that helps you

[quote=“19eddyjohn75, post:10, topic:8807”] just pay with SAFEcoin, but in the background SAFEX is converting your SAFEcoin [/quote] to the alt token needed for the app you are using.