Apple to disrupt Google and Facebook's business model?

Saw an article the other day which suggested Apple could drop the theft based model and essentially Netflix both Google and Facebook while getting on the right side of regulators by taking up the public interest. They have an opportunity to decapitalize both FB and Google and take their revenue. I’d find the article again and cite it but at the end of the article it tried to cite the deceptive tripe “duck duck go” in a positive light. Of course it would be a bit surprising because apple has a ridgid platform that has been all about jamming adsand annoying microtransactions and seeding abusive addictive behaviors.

Still, how very interesting if Apple stopped stealing people’s info and stopped stealing people’s attention, time and attentional momentum and stopped spying and stopped snitching and instead offered honest un-sponsor censored search etc. Google’s search was never all that great and it wasn’t the actual search that required the huge data centers. Google’s search success was in large part from having a blank start page. Yahoo and Bing failed because they were obvious noise jammers. Look at Google’s Chrome books- 8 years later they still have broken shift keys that render them almost unuseable. Look at their Stadia, they hired Phill Harrison and he did what he always does. Look where their Waymo is at. And their android auto- no one wants to be captive force fed ads or ankle braceleted. As for Face Book look at GTA’s “Life Invader” mission. A critical mass of people see Face Book for what it is.

Both Face Book and Google are more and more recognized as being the gouge side of the value proposition. Its interesting to think there could be some competition instead of collusion.
Apple could easily demolish Google and Facebook’s enclosure movements. Article suggested that Apple may do its own VPNs. I think it may do its own cell network. It faces Tesla’s Starlink which has now been confirmed will do mobile phones globally and not just rural and also suddenly Starlink is 10gbs down and 100mbs up and under 10ms (if memory serves) latency. What happened to Google Fiber?

Apple also faces Huewei and similar ambitions from Amazon. Jobs threatened AT&T with mesh phones. Nothing seems more dumb than Zoom- like paying for the long distance scam again while they use data centers to measure your nose with calipers- it should be open source p2p. Apple might have some success with its glasses but seems unlikely it can take on Tesla in cars and those Tesla’s will become mesh nodes that use Starlink for trans-oceanic. Apple needs a differientiator.

Its unfortunate MS got ahold of OpenAI as that group is supposedly doing some good work it both robotics and AI. Gates recently showed his true natural gas green washer colors shorting Tesla. But point is FB and Google are looking like feckless legacy auto makers and cable companies.

Whatever Apple does is likely to be centralized
but just having hardware and software that isn’t a sponsor spyware platform and provides a alternative that is a replacement for that system of abuse would be huge.

It could be one place for SAFE to reside until it has its own nodes and phone options. And it could provide a bit of shelter also for more honest developers. Phone maufactueres are going to have to become ISPs and that fits Apple’s going vertical.


Just a little bit more on feckless ICE and corporate senility. Look at German auto. Look at BMW first. I believe BMW is bankrupt right now and I think that is being green washed over with EV funding and hiding behind giving Tesla some of that EV funding. BMW reminds me of Sony
where it was such a corporate scumbag that its own employees and customers/public obviously doxed it and took it off line and its financials showed bankruptcy warnings all over the place and I think went to the real thing just in the back room because it had already been slain in the court of public opinion. It was true that Apple ate Sony’s lunch by offering pro citizen/customer wares (so precedent) but it was also laughably telling that Sony was able to enlist the Obama admin to try to blame its woes on North Korea when that was obvious utter transparent nonsense. BMW is making similar fish on a hook being reeled in movements.
First BMW cans its CEO Krueger for “the worst financial performance in decades” but then replaces him with a total clone and doubles down on its stupid ICE forever fossil fuel policies. Krueger goes off to work on synthetic fuels which are even more stupid than hydrogen which is more stupid than the prior all time stupid natural gas. Both are just covers to try to save idiot natural gas. Even if that means just literally wasting enough actual green energy to drive the price of green energy up enough to give NG price cover- fossil fuel profits are such a total thieving lying joke/travesty even before the externality costs. Some times shell game NG scam involves biofuels which almost always will drive up food and water prices. At the same time BMW’s quality sucks so bad its cars are catching fire while turned off and parked but BMW still pulls a Sony and tries to FUD Tesla over its actual issues as a kind of ink cloud. I think BMW is actually making its cars uglier (foolish looking grills etc.) to try to hide its gouging quality destroying ways behind styling faux pas. Make no mistake Tesla is doing to BMW what Apple did to Sony but worse! I don’t see new BMWs in Southern California anymore haven’t for a long time now. It got so bad even the feckless SEC caught BMW overstating its sales for the last 5 years inNorth America which seriously points to BMW falsifying their financial statements as in overstating market share strongly umplies overstating revenues etc to for instance hide bankruptcy that has moved beyond the ordinary big 3 state of perpetual structural bankruptcy and puff their their stock price. Meanwhile BMW just got caught in its 2nd diesel gate when it was never hit for the first over pushing fleet hybrids that are dirtier than conventional ICE.
No surprise BMW is investing and trying to push idiot synfuels. What a great investment support something that is radically more polluting, radically less efficient and radically more expensive while also incuring much lower performance and much higher costs and inconvience! This is because BMW is an inbred family company but also a supreme corporate welfare case petrol pusher. If one could track the family money behind BMW pretty sure it would also be in things like the sale of light cigarettes to teens Enron type NG ponzi. Have a sense NG is the reason one can find huggy photo ops between the Clintons and the Rothchilds and see Michelle Obama in photos hugging on W. and the reason Gates shorted Tesla. Joined at the hip serial green washers Gates and Buffet helped foist the NG ponzi on the global public. NG may have been a tool in American imperialism but it was always the definition of dumb and corrupt. Look at the new gouging con Tejas is now forcing on its citizens blaming cold weather to bailout lame NG yet again.

So now VW is doing something super hopefull in that it is looking to sht can Porsche (oh no family namesake) in a ‘spin off’ because of the concentration of tards at Porsche wanting to say in climate denial fashion that synfuel is clean and cheap and good when its more definition of dumb and evil. All the “blue gas” type lies are spilling about.

Now we come to MB which is in the process of sht canning its dumb trucking division in another ‘spin off’ because apparently enough tards have been quaratined into that division as evidenced by that division insisting it can pursue ultra dumb hydrogen (which would require scamming the public at a greater level than diesel gate with more clean coal, cheap gas, clean NG rhetoric.) when MB wants to be free of the fraud and entitled lies.

Finally we come to Iveco and its Nicola lemon.
Its hydrogen truck class 8 at top level will need a 750kwh battery and a full complement of hydrogen to go 250 miles. The low end Tesla will
Semi class 8 will require a 500kwh battery and no hydrogen to go 300 miles. The Iveco design is clearly half arse as its totally friction lined to collusively sell more fossil fuels but it show the hydrogen non potential just like the Mirai does relative to the Model 3 with all the new stuff about the Mirai having a massive air intake built into the back seat and an air intake fitration system that will get jammed up in smog reducing range and power and all the other corresponding comparative utter non performance issues.

Germany shouldn’t be bailing out BMW it should hit BMW 5x harder than it hit VW- permanently divest the family money, zero out the non rank a file employee share holders and zero out the public shareholders and hand the company over to its rank and file employees and bar it from the stock exchanges exchanges for 20 years. Its time to criminalize investment in fossil fuels. No insurance company of any sort should be allowed to insure or invest in fossil fuels. Penalty for execs getting caught up in that should be life.
I call that freedom, its time to cut this parasite lose. Dumb wreckless inbred money needs to get what it deserves and has so rightlt earned.

Here’s my disclaimer. Of course I am wrong. Its hard to think of anything where I haven’t been on both sides of issues at different times. But here there there has to be a limit on the vestment thesis. We don’t vest both sides here. We may not be omnicent and we may get it all wrong but there is a point where you stop rewarding stupid

@Warren not only did you not post a link to the original article but you failed to accurately describe what precisely Apple is doing to change their business model or how it would undercut Google/Facebook’s business model. You use the word “theft” a lot but neglect to prove any theft or define such theft clearly. Quite frankly most of this post and subsequent comment is nonsense sensationalist blather. Please try again and instead of writing a wall of text clearly define your terms point by point and for crying out loud use paragraphs!

Look I don’t think anyone would disagree that Google and Facebook are corporate giants looking to make a buck off user data. But I don’t think Apple is compatible with SAFE for one simple reason: Closed hardware architecture. Google at least runs it’s systems on a Linux variant: Android. Not that I wouldn’t prefer something like Debian or even something Arch based on my phone but that’s not my point. My point is Apple locks down it’s shit so tight that it might as well be in deep space. Apple is the complete antithesis of freedom and security because they want to retain complete control of their product line. Google might be a evil spy lord but it made it’s fortune by allowing users to tinker and install their OS on whatever hardware they want. Let me be clear here. I’m not saying Google isn’t evil. But I’m saying that if we’re discussing compatibility with the SAFE network, a DIY distributed encrypted internet, then you want cheap flexible hardware and software. Not rich elitist phones and computers that cost 3x the price of the market average and that you can’t easily modify.


@Blindsite2k there is no daylight between us on any of that. Apple sucks- unequivocally. I too much prefer Android. I can barely use Apple products without getting upset its so unintuituve for me and so damned restrictive. Just dreaming they might stop colluding and start fighting each other like they are supposed to so we might benefit from the fall out. If Apple did this it would be a varient of the human shield tactic corporation always use but they would be using their competition as the shield for once instead of the public and maybe to the benefit of the public.

The other day I say Nano Dimensions Dragon Fly line of additive production equipment thats often used in prototyping. These are elegant closet sized machines that can be used to proof out chip designs. They are now down to 10nm. Amazing! Imagine if they can get to 3nm without needing TMSCs new 100BN$ complex. Now I get that we don’t need much more than what thr Raspberry pi do for us. Still these compact machines cheaply but not quicky unless used in parallel produce finshed or inceasingly close to finished product. SAFE won’t need the atomic scale limit to scale thankfully. Won’t need big data’s permission.