Apple patents remote control of Camera/Video on phones

…or any other time they deem appropriate…but lets just focus on “concerts”…nothing to see here…


Apple is reeeeeally pushing it these days. Take away my 1/8th input jack? Yeah I’ll keep my old iPhone till its obsolete then move on.

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Tangentially related to this topic:

I’ve been thinking about a SAFEphone: what business model might it have. Here’s such a model:

You pay for the handset but the service is free forever. The opposite of the common arrangement.

How would that work? The phone is farming, day and night. Farming earns coin, coin stores up in your account, pays for the call charges. If you have less call charges than coin then you have extra for buying some of the things you see advertised on the phone. If your farming is too intermittent and you run out of coin then you might buy a SAFE scratch card to top it up.


Apple is a benevolent dictator that the masses like.

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You need to have a low level meshnet built in with critical mass achieved for the ultimate win.

Some smart software routing to reach and use which network has the best “out” port for regular calls, messages and data etc.

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You mean like in Egypt?

Yes this has the obvious intent of “concerts” but will have so many unintended consequences that even Apple did not think of.

For instance the obvious is to put the phone into “flight” mode so that it cannot receive instructions to turn the camera off. Or is Apple going to put another backdoor in so that the phone even in flight mode will still communicate location so it can receive the commands to turn off the camera if at the concert? Crackers delight

Will people living close to the concert also have their camera turned off because of their location?

How many people will simply bring in their gopro or other very small camera? How many young people will give the middle finger to Apple. By the sales figure this is already happening and stopping the people from using their cameras is likely to only speed up that process.