Apple, in Sign of Health Ambitions, Adds Medical Records Feature for iPhone

Apple has convinced a dozen health institutions to allow users to download portions of their health record to their phones. This is a good precedent being set in USA (which has lots of rules about health records) that should ease the transition to storing health records on SAFE network.


It would definitely make things simpler when moving between different doctors. I have had problems with that in the past. I was also just thinking about how you could make it semi-accessible to the government in case you got injured. You could use a system that required the government to make it public that they were accessing your record. So they can access it whenever they want but people could clearly see if they were abusing that privilege. I could imagine it working like this:

  1. Government bureau releases public key
  2. You encrypt your health data and give access to different health institutions on need to know basis
  3. You split the key you used to encrypt into a large number of redundant parts where a certain number is needed to reconstruct the key.
  4. You encrypt every piece with the government public key
  5. You can distribute the pieces to various nodes with the command to only release if the government posts on some official block chain that they want the data.

Government access:

  1. Posts on public chain that the persons data is needed for emergency informing the entire network
  2. Requests the data pieces from all of the nodes
  3. Decrypts the pieces with the government key
  4. Undoes the redundancy and acquires original key
  5. Can now access data

Note: This could easily be modified to allow government to access each part individually or allow you to revoke government any access by telling nodes to delete their piece of data and never share it.

This system allows the government to access your data transparently while preventing any of the nodes from having access. Of course I am somewhat new to the safe network, but I feel that this could be done with mutable data and specialized nodes. (Nodes would have an incentive to add this functionality because they would get paid for negligible work. The only factor in income would be reputation which would determine their usage and nodes would have that anyway)

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