Apple and Facebook will come crashing down like a ton of bricks

Disclaimer: The headline of this thread is my own speculation.

Look at Huawei’s foldable Mate X phone. It’s years ahead of anything Apple has. And the price of foldables will go down just like all new technologies. And what kind of hardware manufacturing does Apple have? I don’t know but I know that they outsource the manufacturing of iPhones for example, which means Apple is dependent on other corporations who sooner or later can take advantage of that and screw Apple.

Apple’s software is equally doomed in the long run. A few years from now both Google and Microsoft will run progressive web app OSs with a lot of apps using WebAssembly and Apple’s siloed software model with become obsolete say within a decade.

Facebook is another beauty. Facebook’s one trick pony business model is vulnerable to be replaced by a new big social network. Facebook is not likely threatened by small companies, but look at for example Google+; does anyone really believe that’s the best Google can do?


Facebook isn’t a single product. It owns Instagram and Whatsapp also. These both along with FB and FB Messenger have too many users between them. In addition, both Facebook and Whatsapp have a lot of older people using them and they are reluctant to change when compared to the younger population.

One of the problems for facebook(and others) would be that it could be broken down by anti-trust laws.


Except each one (apple, google, FB etc) will simply incorporate in another country that will allow them, then simply have USA offices for each of the companies the USA demands. But in essence still each be the big company each was owned by the same entities.

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But those products are something Facebook could have added as functions in their platform instead of buying those companies. I still call it a one trick pony business.

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As for antitrust I doubt that Google will develop a new social network on their own, because that would be susceptible to antitrust. However Google has a lot of cooperation with Huawei, so those two companies could together come up with a separate social network company superior to Facebook that is resilient to antitrust.

It’s very unlikely that any US based company, let alone Google would work with Huawei due to US paranoia about Chinese companies. And it’s not going away soon.


I’m sure the US anti-trust regulators would anticipate that and would prevent such a scenario.

Ms. Warren’s regulatory plan would also force the rollback of some acquisitions by tech giants, the campaign said, including Facebook’s deals for WhatsApp and Instagram, Amazon’s addition of Whole Foods, and Google’s purchase of Waze. Companies would be barred from transferring or sharing users’ data with third parties. Dual entities, such as Amazon Marketplace and AmazonBasics, would be split apart.
Ms. Warren’s plan creates two tiers of companies that would fall under the new regulations: those that have an annual global revenue of $25 billion or more, and those with annual revenue of $90 million to $25 billion. The upper tier would be required to “structurally separate” their products from their marketplace. Smaller companies would be subject to regulations but would not be forced to separate themselves from the online marketplace.

In the wide-open nomination race, Democrats such as Ms. Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota have expressed a willingness to limit the influence of companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon — though Mr. Sanders and Ms. Klobuchar have yet to present clear policy details.

Google is already cooperating with Huawei! Remember the Nexus phones. Wikipedia: " The Nexus 6P is the first Nexus phone that Google has chosen to co-develop with a Chinese company, Huawei ."

Google tried to make their own social network and eventually admitted defeat with Google+.

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That’s what I meant with my first post, that Google+ is hardly the best Google can do. In fact, I have a “conspiracy theory” that Google on purpose made their social network suck, as controlled opposition, to maintain the Facebook monopoly by NOT seriously competing and just act as a blockage for competitors.

But now things might change, and my new theory :blush: is that Google and Huawei will launch a huge social network that will overtake Facebook, but it will not be Google or Alphabet directly because that would risk antitrust accusations.

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I agree @Anders that Apple lost their innovation in iPhones. Maybe its the time to say Goodbye to iPhones but they’re concentrating more of iPads and Macs which no other companies do ( maybe Gaming laptops ). Apple is also planning to use its own Chips in Macs from 2020, replacing Intel chips.

Yes they maybe. China is the one of the places where Facebook, Google is banned so these companies maybe trying to enter into China in somemeans ( Thats the reason Google is cooperating with Huawei?)


Yes, and now I found this article from The Verge:

"Foldable phones are about to make the US very jealous

The US is falling behind on phone design, and foldables are the proof. … they won’t be available in America in any meaningful way. … But the problem isn’t just about US customers missing out on cool and interesting phones, although that’s plenty frustrating. It’s also that flagships from companies like Oppo and Huawei are increasingly some of the best hardware in the world, offering new ideas and specs on par with the best phones in the US, but at far more affordable prices. And that means less competition in a stagnant domestic phone market that largely just consists of Apple and Samsung phones." - Full article:

WRT to the title - we can at least hope that is the case . .

They need to go after the banks and sponsored media first. Foreign entities especially Israel and Saudi Arabia control both in the US and UK by way the bribery know as sponsorship and the idiot corrupt court decisions that tried to hide bribery (money/sponsorship) behind speech. Money is not speech any more than bribery is. They literally tried to conflate speech with censorship and make the corruption of law something that could be purchased so we have bribery based laws. As always rule by money is rule by entitled (heredity) homicidal idiots!


The Apple is poisoned. And an insult to Turing. Thats all I see when I look at the logo. Facebook was a social engineering scam and it worked.
Speaking of successful social engineering and.geo political constructs…Israel was sponsored by the Uk. Balfour and Rothschild engineered it as per the declaration in 1917… They fused a religion with a political stance. Very successfully. Now apparently the two are considered interchangeable. Although they are in fact, disctinct. The tavistock helped organise ww2 and in the climate of post war, post atrocity PTSD the migration there (after the brits refused asylum during the manufactured conflict and ensuing genocide) ensured the outpost for the UK & the US would be populated and utilised as an errant scapegoat for UK & US foreign policy…and the prime ministers and presidents pop up there every now and then in peace talk propagandism…
As for Saudi Arabia…money shouts. Loudly. Just like the US & the UK…

Someone said that In-Q-Tel, venture capital firm funded by the CIA, founded Facebook. I couldn’t confirm that, but I found some connections between founders of Facebook and In-Q-Tel.

Overall I think Facebook serves a good purpose, but yes, I suspect that it’s used for social engineering and monitoring. Big Data, anyone? :smile:

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