App proposal:Global Happiness Ongoing Census


It occurred to me that the distributed nature of MaidSafe would be a great platform for doing large scale surveys/census’s. I’m keen for the world to move away from a focus on GDP for how we a progressing and towards measuring how happy people are.

I’d like to build a simple MaidApp that allows this survey to happen.

Minimum Requirements:

Nearest City, Country
How happy 1-10 10=Very happy
Reasons why you are happy:

Reasons why you are unhappy:

Survey is open for responses once a week.

Present results:
Shaded map of the world showing average results
Ability to play through week to week to see how it is changing

How would you stop someone from submitting more than once?


I doubt you could stop this.

Even biometrics cannot do this. For example a bartender could be 1000 people, no fingerprint reader is able to stop this. You could create fingerprints/biometrics to be people that do not exist, There is topic on this if anyone wants to further discuss biometrics issues.

Probably slowing down the process with something better than the current challenges for non-robot would reduce the noise and false entries.

Thinking further you could perhaps require the person to “apply/join” and a message is sent them (with another challenge for non-robot in it) and the message has a code for them to use.

This means the person does not answer on a whim, You can also prompt them to read the information/directions prior to sending their code. This way you might get a better response and reduce the “drunken whim” answers.

The code sent is no less a privacy issue than using the ID given by the person. The ID can then be an ID created only for the purpose of doing that survey and so tracking is stopped.


Yup. I’m kinda suck with this ID system I’m working on. But basically each ID holds a “signature” as a proof. But it doesn’t mean anything. To curb that, is to add web of trust system in place. Now each users can give ID a review, "this guy is legitimate, and he's a real deal. "

Surveys can cull fake IDs out of the equations by placing a restrictions; if ID has no reviews, cull it.


I like this idea. It brings to mind two things, both of which you are probably already familiar with:

  1. Bhutan already uses gross national happiness as an indicator. Perhaps you could look at their methodology to see if it could be adapted?

  2. A large research project used an app to study happiness. At a random time during the day, the app would send a notification to the participant asking them various questions abut their mood and what they are doing. The results found that people tended to be happiest when they were in the present rather than thinking about the past or future. I have no particular point or question here, it is just an interesting footnote.

I often feel left out of the crypto community because I have no knowledge of coding. However I do have a good familiarity with the social sciences and, in particular, human development. If you want anyone to bounce ideas off then let me know.

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I can’t remember if this is addressed (multiple votes) but I think this issue applies to so the may be a solution or ideas about this from there. @aboynejames?

James’s dsensor project is more ambitious than this so in some ways (a new, less corruptible way of doing science!), but I think could be a platform for many similar ideas like this.