App of the Month

Following feedback from the community and the perspective that this form of competition could breed a negative atmosphere and may not reflect the inclusive and friendly feel of our forum community. We have taken this advice onboard and will now instead showcase one community project on the blog each month in order to showcase the fantastic new apps currently in development

We are therefore asking the community to contact @SarahPentland if they are developing an app or feature and would like to be featured. We will then put the teams in touch with our PR team who will create a article for the blog, medium and social media. This blog will look at the team behind the project, the mission of app/feature, an explain of the project and its current stage of development.


This is a great idea!! I know there’s a list of SAFE sites. I also think it would be great to have a public list of all SAFE projects. That way we could reference the list for potential content or speakers for SAFE meetups too. :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea and will encourage developers to bring their ideas forward. When we get those java bindings sorted, I’ll be in touch! :slight_smile:


This is definitely a great idea, and preferred to the original plan. One question, In recognition of this we will be awarding the winning member a 3D printed trophy… What happens to all the fancy 3D trophies now? :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, I think the community is probably sick of hearing about the SafeCMS now and I feel the project has matured to such a point that further advertising of it probably isn’t needed and the entry for this month would be better spent on someone else’s app, therefor I won’t be entering.


@Shane I think SafeCMS should totally be entered for exactly the reason you stated, it’s maturing, and I personally think it’s beautifully polished. The app of the month is promoted on the maidsafe blog, which I believe they post on medium now also so I think that will draw in more interest and hopefully talent from the outside regardless of how in touch the community is with the status of SafeCMS.

I will be suggesting JAMS in hopefully the not too distant future but only after some of the communities suggestions have been implemented and some bugs fixed. So a few fixes and we’ll remap the service on Alpha 2. Then it would hopefully be worthy of that level of publicity. SafeCMS on the other hand seems ripe! Just wanted to share my support and encouragement for you and your fantastic app in hopes you might reconsider :slightly_smiling_face: because it truly is deserving of the outside attention.


It’s not just about getting recognition for Safe-CMS here but getting it out there to interest people in SAFEnetwork too, so I hope you will enter and it gets featured by maidsafe (55k twitter followers, blog, DevCon etc) and picked up by journalists.

Please reconsider @Shane!

Safe-CMS and your technique are a great example, and you a role model, so the more recognition for it and you the better IMO.


What a super idea @SarahPentland and I would think of this as kinetic inclusion from your side. This will certainly inject the much needed support when putting apps/features together. Excellent stuff! :wink: