App Ideas for Community Funded App Development

As everyone knows a healthy app ecosystem will be required to draw in more users (clients) to give farmers (vault owners) something to be incentivized to store. The more users, the more inventive, the more secure the network.

The Problem

There are a lot of bright minds in the SAFENetwork community and some are savvy enough to code up an app but many supporters have other professions or time constrictions that don’t allow them to pursue this. On top of this there are only a handful of vocal projects being developed outside of Maidsafe and this could be for many legitimate reasons but it also doesn’t confirm or give insight into how many or what app ideas are being pursued.

A Possible Solution

@anon57419684 is campaigning to be a hired Rust based developer for building a SAFEapp. Details here My campaign to earn 1MM MAID in 1 year, 1 hour at a time, doing crowd directed SAFE development He also clearly states his intentions in the given link. We as a community can pool our ideas and resources to breath some life into a newborn app ecosystem.

To be fair, latch is new to the forum so we do need to build trust. He has laid a path for this in his post. The approach is to create an open source community repository on gitlab or github, using open source licensing and starting his freelancing with a granular, by the hour development. As we see progress and others within the community review the code we can move on. Eventually, hopefully, we can build enough trust to make this a weekly report. It would be encouraged for many community members to follow the repo and fork it along the way.

Community Funding

@Dimitar has kindly offered up to redirect his budget from another encouraging effort to this one.

I too will be contributing once we have polled for what app idea.

Another option is to have @anon57419684 break the selected project into milestones providing details and a price quote for each. This should lower the bar to start and make progress on each milestone. By having a smaller funding pot it should lower investor anxiety by having smaller, semi frequent community raises. Please let us know in the comments if this would be a preferred agreement.

What Now?

There are many good app ideas already floating about the forum Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network and other projects that went defunct Safe-CMS - Censorship is a thing of the past What we need to keep in mind is @anon57419684’s skill set SAFE app devs for hire - #12 by anon57419684 as well as what app would draw the most interest from regular internet users to SAFE to increase adoption and possibly be disruptive. A new Instagram with no ads? A new Twitter with no censorship? The revival of SAFE-CMS? Something far beyond social media perhaps. Anything is on the table for now but we want this to have a positive impact on the apps users and adoption of the SAFE network.

Please post a small selection of your favorite ideas below that we can add to the upcoming poll.


Would you give money for that proposal?

  • yes
  • no
  • yes, if I can make money

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I personally am in between a SAFE- CMS or an ad free Instagram like app. I’m assuming the former makes more sense as journalism is more desktop/laptop dominated and I’m not sure how Rust based programming would fit into a mobile dominated platform like Instagram, assuming it’s a client side app rather than web based. @anon57419684 do you have any input on this?


I personally want a SAFE YouTube platform. So I can start copying content from known influencers right away and show them the benefits of the SAFE Network…


I’m sure they would appreciate no copyright strikes or shadow banning. :smile:
YouTube is obviously one of the most popular platforms, I will say though that there are many tools required for a content creator to be informed and competitive that youtube provides such as viewer analytics and metrics amongst others but these would be highly valuable to be built.


If developer like @anon57419684 is anonymouse, than project he will work on could take advantage of it and make controversary app.

As he is going to work on main code of SAFE what it could be?

As MAID is low in $ terms it might be reason why he is going to have less than his current $80/h rate.


Maybe the question should be how much do apps cost to develop? After all the criticism with the current internet and the well known apps are well known. But if they could be replaced with security, privacy …then the new internet would be a better tool.
I imagine the cost of any of the more popular apps will be quite expensive to develop


I’m honestly not sure we need a custom CMS for safe.

There are so many existing CMSs. I think some plugin to automate SAFE publishing for simple wordpress sites, eg, would be more practical/useful. Wordpress runs 25% (or more?) of the clearnet. It’s a huuuge market, and an already solid CMS that many many folk are familiar with.

You could even create a docker/wrapper for a version of WP with this preinstalled to locally publish to SAFE only, eg.

Why reinvent the wheel?


What happened to project decorum? Anybody know? Be nice to see where my investment went.


This would work really great if PtP (Pay the Provider) was to be implemented. That way people who upload their content onto SafeTube could be rewarded and do away with any sort of YouTube advertising.

Also the PtD rewards could go to the Foundation and there is potentially a lot to be earned for them.

When MaidSafe paid for a program to be made they paid the amount and the PtD rewards were to be turned off. This I believe should similar here except directing PtD to the Foundation.

I still have my reservations, unless it is people directly (potentially through escrow for payment) dealing with the programmer. We would need volunteers to oversee the community gitHub and ensure that PtD is setup properly when Safe goes online.

Anymore than simply individuals paying the programmer becomes complex quickly because of tax reporting and such things.


I really love the idea but I agree with @Antifragile that this won’t really work that way. Maybe we could at least partially pull off something that is donation based but let’s keep in mind that there might be other incentives to contribute funds.

For example I would love to contribute if I see a small new product that is easy enough to play with and contribute to. I love Rust but I hardly ever get things right and finding a project that I can use to learn would be of high value to me because:

  • I could potentially contribute
  • I’ll learn more about Rust
  • I’ll get feedback and some support to help with my journey

Just my two cents.



While I have extensive experience developing mobile (iOS and watchOS) software, there are two reasons why in my campaign I didn’t include it as an option for projects along with SAFE apps and CLI tools.

  • Rust is not yet ready for straightforward use in at least the mobile platforms I have experience with.
  • I’m only interested in developing software for mobile platforms that do not exploit users, such as Purism’s PureOS. As I do not yet have a Librem 5, it’s not an option I can currently offer.

A Medium replacement would be nice.


@Antifragile I definitely see your perspective but keep in mind there would be a lot of eyes watching the project and a lot of scrutiny.

Perhaps people could throw around some really simple app ideas to start with like a secure messaging app or something. If there is interest from the community then I think something neat could be done. Otherwise I think this will be killed by pessimism.



I would be happy to address your concerns as I have here.

I invite you to reply to my campaign. I politely ask that assumptions, such as what motivates me, are phrased as questions as otherwise they only confuse your point. I do wish for the opportunity to speak for myself.



Your profile includes that you are a software engineer. I’ve stated that I would especially invite other developers to critique and challenge me.

I would very much enjoy the opportunity to address your technical and other concerns. I invite you to reply to my campaign.

Additionally in the spirit of

I look forward to it.


Wouldn’t one problem be monetizing? Most of those guys make money with publicity, if everything is anonymized their will be no incentive for corporations to provide funds for those guys…

@T824601 Are you talking about targeted ads via metrics in a YouTube like platform? If so, then I do think the fat cats would be put on a diet but the influencer typically has a genre and can still measure views based off content which is still informative. So still somewhat targeted just not so invasive.

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What would a solution look like? Would it be a solution if rewards could be automatically distributed to both the SAFE app as well as the content?

As a future thought, there could be utility in smart contracts managing reward distribution.

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