App idea: Safe Layer. Let's talk about the data

Fantastic post @DavidMtl - really enjoyed reading it.

Thanks for tagging me in and I’ll also take this opportunity to tag @dugcampbell and @SarahPentland in here too. I do see this as being a great way to emphasise the unique features of the network in a fun and accessible way to both developers and app users. Our engineering resource is maxed out at the moment, but hopefully this is something we can explore in the not too distant future as from my non engineering perspective it would certainly serve multiple purposes.

Will you manage to make it over for the DevCon?


Great to hear @nicklambert!

Yes, the timing of the conference is perfect and we needed a break. Can’t wait to see Scotland!


@19eddyjohn75 I totally can’t agree more.


Good posts! It sounds to me like we are angling towards a DBMS, complete with UI.

Having a standard data format to read/write data to SAFENetwork seem a like a very useful thing. Naturally, providing a UI for it would not only be handy, but it would also be dog fooding the DBMS (I.e. using it!).

I would suggest this is taken further, with more consideration for data types and indexes. Moreover, getting it SQL compatible will ease integration with typical apps and tools, etc.

We definitely don’t want every app recreate g different versions of the same thing and a unified interface for the like a of SOLID would seem ideal too.

It is one of those areas I would like to look into too, if only I had more time! :sleepy: