APP Developer Rewards (Discussion)

It’s just so strange… Because we won’t need “Apple iTunes” with SAFE… Everyone uploads their songs directly to the SAFE internet storage, not to Apples servers anymore, so there’s no need for that middle man anymore, taking 30% & giving 70% to the real person.

Do you understand the business model changes I’m grappling with? I’m not trolling I swear, I’m honestly trying to imagine what it’s gonna be like on SAFE

But how would anyone get money?

Once anything leaks AT ALL from SAFE private net to the SAFE public net, it’s available to everyone forever for free, without ever being able to be taken down.

So consumers will never (or at least, much less often than on today’s internet) pay for music, movies, photos, anything anymore, because once something gets leaked it’s free for everyone forever and ever

^that’s my main assertion here

Thanks, this is what I was trying to say. You worded it much better :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any ideas for solutions here?

Gotta answer my question first — Where is the money going to come from???

When you pay for storage you ought to be paying for storage, not paying for blockbuster movies to be made to be handed out for free… There is no reason at all to think that 10 percent will be anywhere near enough to be enticing to any content creator.

I disagree man, YouTube pays it’s viral video uploaders money, so as a producer, YouTube would be better than SAFE. Right?

That’s not what we want, here, I’d think.

Unless the app dev (of SAFEtube) is gonna pay the viral video producers out of his/her 10% reward. But that doesn’t look good / make sense to me either

You’re right man I totally agree, it’s a mind-stumper for sure. There’s a big imbalance here.

But I think there should at least be something (ex. who says only app devs are more important than “movie devs”?). But I would see “the money coming” mostly from the fans, who want to support and see more content. Could be micro-payment “likes” etc, but I see voluntary payment as the #1 source in the future.

BUT I STILL FEEL like if “app devs” are getting paid something by default by the network, then “content devs” should too

Contents can be sold via serial number keys.

Apps can be sold as well.

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Correct – the problem is when you plan a budget – answering this question is not optional in the least. It must balance or it will not work. If the network starts leaking value it will always undermine it’s value.

When you put a product on the market, people are willing to pay you what it is worth to them. When somebody else pays the bill – a third party like the network – a disconnect happens, and the market breaks. As a producer you can overproduce because the third party is willing to pay regardless of the value, and as a consumer you can overconsume because it isn’t costing you anything. But the network pays - not only by the subsidy, but also in the bandwidth, the storage space etc…


Why would an APP do this in the first place? Would this encourage content creators to upload their content to this APP (with the chance of being paid for content), thereby attracting content consumers to this APP (because that’s where the content is)?

Why can not a content dev be a app dev booth are just content of data, difference is what data is within the app, an artists community needs to crowdfund an open source app and put in content into the app.
Then any content provider will be an app provider, then we will see whiteout mashup app with a introduction sample and a true fan pay usage for likes. Then mashups lesson could be even taught within the app, possibilities are endless.

These may seem like valid arguments until you consider the following:

APPs are used. Content is consumed.

That’s the difference between the data. They are not on the same playing field. Apples to oranges.

Well, yeah, that’s how YouTube operates today

But don’t forget, I said this was an example of a bad idea


Please describe in what ways and to what extent would having the app dev pay the content producers out of his/her 10% reward be a “bad idea”.

  1. it’s unreliable, not every app dev would reliably do it, so all content producers in the whole world would be reliant on random App dev’s whims & episodes of generosity

  2. it takes away from our important app devs

  3. most likely, only the top handful of content producers would ever actually get anything, ie. the random ones who catch the eye of the app dev.

Something implemented at the core level would at least ensure talented content creators could at least have something they can count on, to keep their work (& bodies) alive.

So what you’re saying is that this app-pays-the-creator model creates a free market? One that might

  1. Reward app devs that do include this, and punish those who don’t?

  2. Create more revenue for the app devs that do include this?

  3. Reward popular content, and not reward unpopular content?

Also not tout itself as the only business model, but allow others to co-exist with it?

I’m sorry, could you explain a bit further? I’m having trouble understanding your misgivings.

Dude lol I HATE that ppl are asking me about this model!! I hate the model!! It was only an example of a horrible idea; a horrible thing people may have to resort to of PtP isn’t created.

Lol please stop talking about this idea, I just said it to prove a point. It’s a horrible idea!! I just gave all those reasons why!

Ok, we’ll get back onto the topic at hand.

In what ways and to what extent would Pay the Producer create a market for content?

EDIT: Kind of out of context now that the thread was moved. So disregard this post.

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I agree. For the most part I’m even against having devs having 10% hardcoded into the system, not because I don’t think devs or the foundation shouldn’t be supported or rewarded, but for the same reason I’m against taxation and for the obvious reasons that are coming up here in the discussion about PtP. Content creation is subject to subjective and social values as is it’s monetary reward, and code just like art or porn is a form of content creation. If the network is to reward content creators then there needs to be network wide consensus as to what content is worth and as has been pointed out there are different kinds of content which are of relatively, and subjectively, different values to different people. In short we do not all value the same stuff the same way and therefore cannot come to consensus as to how much the network should, or even if, pay content creators for their work.

This is also why I think the system should be voluntary rather than mandatory. That users be allowed the option to elect to devote x percentage of their farming rewards to y contributor. Whether this would be best done at the network or app level is up for debate.


This is the place to talk rewards (like the 10%) for App-devs.

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